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For new emerging artists, getting press is incredibly exciting, but it can also be extremely difficult in such a crowded field, especially when it comes to bigger and more well-known blogs and publications. Here, we take a look at five freelance blogs where you’re much more likely to stand a chance.

Guest post by Angela Mastrogiacomo of Flypaper by Soundfly

What is it about press internships can that sound so exciting? Easy. It’s someone else who recognizes your talent, appreciates your skills, and wants to be part of ensuring the rest of the world knows how amazing they think you are.

It’s like they say – to be seen is powerful. There is no better feeling.

And when you put everything you got in a new song you want people to know. You want them to feel excited about it the same way you do. So of course the idea of getting the press is exciting.

But here is the little-known secret of the The music industry. While major and well-known blogs are indeed incredibly popular and can be great for advancing your career, this is not always the case. And while sometimes having the street credit that “a great blog has presented to us” is really cool, the impact isn’t always go to small blog sites.

And this is for some very important reasons.

The first is that small blogs are usually much more generous when it comes to the reviews they write. They’ll take the time to really listen to (and re-listen to) your music from start to finish, getting lost in all those lovely little nuances that make it their own. Then they’ll take the time to read your bio, maybe even do an interview with you, and really get to the heart of who you are and your music. They write carefully thought out reviews that will make you scream “finally!” Because someone has pinpointed exactly what you are in the most flattering way.

Then there is the audience.

Of course, a well-known blog will have a larger audience, but fans of a small blog are usually more loyal. That, combined with the undeniable fact that small blogs will almost always share every post about a freelance artist on social media – while larger ones often only share major artists or news on social media – means you have even more. likely to be really seen.

So, with all of that in mind, what are some small music-accepting blogs today that you can submit yours to?

There is always a plethora of ways to find new blogs (we go over some tips for finding blogs and presenting them. here), but we went ahead and compiled a few that we like to work with. They are passionate, they love independent music and they are always ready to help the bands they believe in. Discover them!

A path with words

New kid in the neighborhood, A path with words, is perfectly passionate about everything they do. With a real thirst for new independent artists in the rock space, founder Bethany Hildebrandt really goes all out.

They offer tons of new posts, which means that not only can you find and support other indie groups, but you have a good chance of landing a feature if you match their genre preferences. And, because they do a mix of written features like interviews and reviews, as well as playlists featuring new artists, their platform offers a myriad of ways to stream your music.

Contact them here.

Trivial magazine

This is what i like Trivial magazine – they are a bit of everything. At the top of the site, it tells you what to expect. Music, yes, but also fashion, culture and sex. And in fact, they blend these topics seamlessly for an experience that not only makes them stand out, but draws more people into their orbit. More eyes on the site = more ears on your music.

And the good news is that they cover a lot of different genres, from indie pop to indie rock to singer / songwriter / folk music, so they’re bound to have room for your band. .

Contact us here.

The A&R guru

With a slogan that says “find everything music related”, you know the team behind The A&R guru is on a mission to find and exhibit all of the amazing new talent out there. And that is exactly what they are doing. They take the time to really get to know each artist and their music production, to create fully personalized features.

It’s the kind of writing that makes you want to listen to music, even if you’ve never heard it before. And it’s a space that definitely stands out from everything else online.

Contact them here.

Rock at night

There is a lot to love Rock at night, from their dedication to independent artists to the fact that they are not only a music blog, but also produce a print magazine, podcast and music covers from the US, UK and beyond. It’s this kind of rare medium that has the philosophy of a small publication, while having a strong and integrated audience that allows their artists to reach a lot.

Launched in 2014 by Chyrisse Tabone, Rock at Night is a new take on your typical music blog. With over 7,000 weekly hits across six continents, there are a lot of eyes and ears on these guys, and landing a feature film with them can be a major victory internationally.

Contact Rock at night

Vent magazine

Vent magazine is one of the best when it comes to constantly releasing new music, no matter how famous the artist is. They do a mix of press releases, interviews, and syndicated reporting, and they’re always up for sharing new music from budding artists, so be sure to contact us! Covering a wide range of genres, this is a fantastic way to make a name for yourself, whatever your style of music.

Contact them here.

If you liked this humble list, let us know!

We would like to make this a regular feature alternating between different genres and continue to bring you an ongoing list of small active music blogs accepting new music. After all, we know how quickly the music industry can change, so having a constantly updated list of the most active and responsive small blogs is the key to success. DIY public relations campaign.

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