5 Perth indie bands to add to your next playlist suggested by Tied Down

The Perth rockers Tied Down recently released their moving new single ‘Slow’, a track that lyrically examines personal struggles with addiction.

Bruised, delicate alternative rock that smolders throughout with instrumentation that showcases a band that knows how to harness its skills; add an epic guitar solo that blasts its way into your ears and “Slow” is a flashlight-worthy song for any live audience.

“‘Slow’ is without a doubt the most personal and emotionally charged song we’ve written as a band to date,” says Tied Down.

“It explores an adventure through addiction and coming out the other side of it, and the music is written in a way that reflects that, with some pretty heavy and emotional moments that really resolve in a positive, upbeat, opportunistic way.

“It’s a song that we believe will resonate with anyone who’s been through something similar and we hope people can derive meaning not just from the lyrics, but also from the journey the music takes them on.”

Recorded at Hopping Mouse Studios with producer Matt Templeman (Sly Withers, Voyager) and mastered by Simon Struthers (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Karnivool, Something For Kate), Tied Down approached ‘Slow’ with the mindset of allowing each limb to breathe. musically.

“It started with a guitar riff that was born out of a bit of conflict in a pretty tough time for the band, and it quickly became a great platform for all of us to let go of some things,” said said the group.

“We wanted the song to reflect that, giving each member and their instrument the opportunity to have a direct impact on the song.

“Given the feelings floating around the room, the lyrics seemed to come quite easily to [frontman] CJ and we all feel like the process of putting the individual pieces of the song together has really brought us together as a band.”

Tied Up is supporting Satisfaction Guaranteed at the Indian Ocean Hotel (Perth) on February 25 before supporting Ezra Tide at Lynott’s Lounge (Perth) on March 11.

Here, Tied Down share five bands from Perth that they rate highly and think you should add to your next playlist.

South Summit

We pick these guys as newcomers to the WA music scene. Steve introduced them to us after going to school with one, and they nail that Ocean Alley/LAB/StiFi vibe with mellow vocals and reggae beats.

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Shangrila have been our best friends for a long time; they helped us navigate the Perth music scene and are the best in the business at what they do, no one does their genre better.

They are also the best human beings to add.


After taking these boys on tour, we knew they were just going up. Since then they’ve lit up WA and are destined for great things, singing catchy melodies and funky beats.

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Reins has the ability to take you on a journey with each of its songs.

With his incredible voice and ability to make you feel, there’s no mystery as to why he’s one of Perth’s top rated artists. It still manages to hit you in the feels.

Old Mervs

One of the biggest bands to come out of Perth in the last two years, these boys make you wonder how they get to sound so amazing with a two piece outfit. Its effortless tones bring a bit of King Krul to alternative indie rock.

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