A gifted guitarist-composer evokes original rhythms and lyricism: Mike Villet releases a new album

Titled “Bakers Dozen”, Mike Villet’s latest album is a collection of rhythmic compositions that are sure to set him apart in the world of Blues, Jazz and Country.

Bringing with him decades of experience and a fervent passion for music, Mike Villet is a talented blues and jazz powerhouse. With his compelling songwriting blending into memorable, catchy, and scintillating instrumentation, Mike Villet’s craftsmanship is sending ripples throughout the industry, with his soon-to-be-released new album, “Baker’s Dozen.”

Villet’s new album is full of soulful and soulful instrumentation, originally crafted by the artist. By independently playing guitar, keyboards, bass and many other instruments, the artist can present a memorable musical experience, rooted in rock and blues, but also crossing other genres.

Titled “Baker’s Dozen”, the album represents everything it has to offer the music world. Slated for release on February 4, 2022, the new album is set to cement the formidable artist’s name in the halls of musical expertise.

However, the standout characteristic of the artist is neither his fantastic ability to touch hearts and souls with his songwriting, nor his effortless curation of multiple instruments and tools. Rather, it’s the fact that his compositions are essentially his own original singles that showcase his multi-genre musical ethos.

It draws inspiration from icons such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and more, while remaining true to its unique character.

“My music is mostly based on blues rock but filters into jazz and country. I love what I do and it shows in my music,” Mike Villet says of his music.

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Mike Villet is a seasoned name in the world of rock, blues and country. A formidable personality in the industry, Mike brings with his artistry, expert songwriting and instrumentation. The eclectic artist has been playing in bands since the age of 13, inspired to realize himself and discover his own talents and gifts.

Writing and recording his own independent music is the main focus of Mike, who has released two solo albums to date. Mike unveiled his album “Elegant Colors” in 2020, which was then followed by his second album, “Sympatico” in 2021. He plays guitar, keyboards, bass and many other instruments, while writing songs. unique and fascinating instrumentals. Producing and recording his own music, Mike travels between Boise and Nashville.


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