ACL Fest 2021 – ACL Fest Artist Spotlight: Claud: Phoebe Bridgers-Approved Alternative Indie-Pop Artist Takes on Heavy Topics – Music


Photo by Jeremy Reynoso

Phoebe Bridgers-Approved Alternative Indie-Pop Artist Takes on Heavy Topics

Originally debuting in 2018 as one half of the Toast duo alongside Josh Mehling, Claud Mintz showed up to the music scene surrounded by echoes and relaxing reverberation. Later soloing for the release of “Wish You Were Gay” in 2019, Mintz caught the attention of Phoebe Bridgers. After much discussion, the Brooklyn-based musician became the first signing on the “Motion Sickness” singer’s new label, Saddest Factory Records. With the release of the first feature film in February Super monster, the 22-year-old delivered lo-fi rhythms accompanied by delicious harmonies and powerful lyrics.

Throughout the album, Mintz jumps between themes of loneliness, anger and self-reflection on airy and atmospheric rhythms. No subject is too touchy to deal with as the singer gently seduces listeners with ripe understanding words (“Ana” ft. Nick Hakim) and allows others to take back control of the words that are meant to hurt them (“C ‘ is Mr. Bitch to You “(ft. Melanie Faye). Influenced by ’90s alternative rock and’ 90s pop and inspired by their own love and grief, the Syracuse University alumnus transports his audience to realms steeped in bloody cadences paired with easy instrumentation. to live. Although young by digital standards, Mintz carries an ancient soul in a heart that contains an abundance of empathy and curiosity.

Friday, 1:45 p.m., VRBO stage

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