Americanafest kicks off with an impressive lineup; Braison Cyrus talks about new music


Today (September 22), the annual music festival that showcases the beloved American genre, Americanafest, opened its box office for a four-day event in Nashville. The festival is held more like a musical summit, as music fans and industry professionals flock to sit on panels before attending live performances.

The first panel of the day was hosted by singer / songwriter Valerie June and writer / artist Ann Powers. Later tonight, Braison Cyrus will play EXIT / IN from 11pm CT. Ahead of his set, American Songwriter caught up with Cyrus to ask him about his favorite pre-show rituals and his new music.

“I’m juggling my three month old baby, rehearsals, going out today, and we have gigs next week,” Cyrus begins, “so juggling those three things gets a little wild, but I like it. I thrive in situations like this, and it’s nice to have everyone in town.

The release Cyrus is referring to is his latest single titled “Autumn Leaves” from his upcoming album. Javelin, released on October 22.

Despite its official release today, Cyrus and his band have already performed “Autumn Leaves” live. Tonight, however, is the first time fans can stream this song over and over again after leaving Cyrus’ show.

Before the shows, Cyrus reveals that the group has a favorite pre-show ritual. “My classmates and I sing ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ before each concert together. My group, do it Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga and then the rest, ”Cyrus said. “We played at City Winery last year, and I think after that show we decided it was our pre-show ritual to [sing that song]. “

Apart from his live performances, Cyrus explains that his upcoming album is a “personal and valuable way to examine [his] life.”

Javelin was produced at the historic Castle Recording Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, which set the stage for an introspective approach to record making. The title, Javelin, is a reference to the pig-like animal found in the southwest and represents the duality of man and beast. Cyrus later mentions that one of his favorite moments from JavelinThe process of creating s stems from the instrumental song “Revolver”, which is placed in the middle of the disc.

“Ennio Morricone passed away earlier last year, and we [the band] were a little broken about it. We thought, ‘We have to do an instrumental western song in homage to him.’ we finished [production] for the day, and said, “Hey let’s rehearse that song, and kind of get a feel for what we want it to be.” We played for about 30 minutes, it was really very late at night.

“Our engineer and co-producer Jordan Reed came over the intercom and said, ‘Hey, I actually recorded that. Do you want to come and listen to it? We were like, “Well, we’ll never get a better grip than that, so we should just keep it as it is,” Cyrus said.

Globally, Javelin is as authentic as they come, and we can’t wait to hear it live.

Be sure to watch Cyrus’ music here, and his show tonight at EXIT / IN. You can read more about Americanfest here. If you miss Cyrus’ Americanafest performance, he’ll perform at the Lightning 100 Halloween show next month.

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