Andy Clockwise is back in shape with new single “Gonna Get It (Just What We Deserve)”

Andy Clockwise delivered a Psychedelic Punk-Disco Odyssey as it is, with enigmatic clockwise narration for fans of Talking Heads, Malcolm Mclaren, ESG, LCD Soundsystem Feat. a host of secret independent collaborators.

Andy Clockwise is back with his 2022 debut single “Gonna Get It, (Just What We Deserve” which debuted on Northern Transmissions and is now available on all streaming platforms. The song tells us a story about the aftermath modern boredom and existential dread but does so with influences of opera, disco, new wave and post punk to deliver a melancholic yet danceable indie opus that is equal parts CHIC and Punk Poetry.

If this single is any indication, War Stories, Andy’s 4-volume LP, might look like Andy’s biggest release to date. From the clues we’ve received and the music we’ve heard so far, Andy seems to have extracted what makes popular music so great while remaining recklessly creative, free and deep. Isn’t this the sound we’ve been missing for a while for Indie music? Ambitious music? Exciting, but not pretentious? It sounds good ?

Ahead of that single, we released “On The Waterfront”, a Peter Gabriel Roxy Music style lament for times gone by – “Money Power Sex & Fame”, hailed by Buzzbands LA as “an 80s dance floor banger which covers more than half of the Seven Deadly Sins” – and the title track “War Stories”, which was described by Grimy Goods as “splitting the difference between the massive sounds of ’80s electro ballads and the expansive storytelling of rock and roll. roll, Andy Clockwise makes an ambitious attempt to tackle the span of life – and damn it, does he succeed?….”

Clockwise not only found his voice, he found his sound. A down-to-earth pastiche of new wave, classic Bowie-style pop and the heartbreaking poetry of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. Though he dabbles in classic references, Andy Clockwise is decidedly original, with a sound and vision that’s been in the works for years and a message all its own. He is an artist at this point in his career that is talked about in the annals of Rock & Roll & Indie folklore.

“I hate talking about music these days, it all sounds like ‘commitment’ and ‘personal brands’ buzzwords. Cry while you dance, I say. To me, it becomes apparent that life is at how bad you suck so if you can suck pretty good or fantastic or at least spend a lot of time trying something then maybe you have a chance this is me sucking indie disco with opera, so maybe one day hopefully I can write something as good as weird love triangle or the flower duet” – said clockwise

War Stories is a multi-volume odyssey of the battles we have fought. Real and unreal. Written, produced and all instruments played by Clockwise himself, it’s an odyssey, spanning 36 tracks. Created in his Hollywood Hills and Boulevard Recording studio (Pink Floyd/Fleetwood Mac) in Los Angeles, as well as during stays in London and Sydney, it features works by Omar Yakar (War On Drugs), Drew Erickson (Tim Heidecker , Roger Waters), JT Thomas (Captain Beefheart), Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint, Kurt Vile) and Jade Macrae. War Stories will be released this year on Exhibition Records. This will be accompanied by the re-release of Andy’s extensive catalog on streaming services and vinyl.

Listen to the new single here:

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