Anime-themed event featuring local musicians and vendors

Musicians Richie Leone, Truesdale, Devin Summers and Kurt Lovely will perform at “Toonami,” an anime-themed concert and vendor event taking place at the Double Happiness live music bar on Saturday. Credit: Courtesy of Bishop Chilton

Performing artists and clothing vendors will join forces at the anime-themed event “Toonami” to celebrate anime and cosplay through music and fashion.

“Toonami” will take place Saturday at Double Happiness, a live music bar located at 482 S. Front St. Musical artists Richie Leone, Truesdale, Devin summers and lovely kurt will happen, said Jarred Brent, the event host.

Created by the four musicians, Brent and Bishop Chilton, a graphic designer and photographer“Toonami,” is an anime and cosplay themed event and named after the Japanese and American action anime programming block Toonami, Brent said.

“It’s six black guys hosting an event based on their favorite hobbies like anime, manga, Japanese culture, hip-hop,” Brent said. “You’ve got the African-American culture, the Japanese culture, and that’s the culture that’s being broadcast in Columbus in a way that makes us feel like we’re part of it and show ownership, but also respect and love.”

Chilton said the musicians will perform a mix of original music in genres including hip-hop, rap, alternative and indie. Local vendors — shameful shadow, Merchandise by Danny Viengkhamkeo, tomorrow we die and Devil — were chosen based on their compatibility with the “Toonami” aesthetic, with each being fashionable but still unique, Brent said.

The six members of the group behind the event had met at other art events in the past, and Brent said they brainstormed theme and set ideas for “Toonami” at the mid-December 2021. They finally decided to focus on anime because of the group. common interest, as well as the date of the event falling just two weeks after Ohayocon, a major anime convention held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Brent said.

Chilton said he helped produce promotions for the event, such as photos for flyers and social networks, a short interview video performers and a podcast that has yet to be released. He said he also plans to film and take photos during the event and encourages people attending the show to dress in cosplay or fashion.

“I’m making a series out of my life, sort of,” Chilton said. “For every event I help organize, it will be like a movie, and at the end of the year, I will host a movie showing everything I have accumulated.”

Brent, who will be the DJ for the event, said the main visual attraction for “Toonami” will be old televisions showing anime episodes on stage, some with specific episodes requested by the performers.

“I think I was just in my parents garage grabbing some TVs and I was like, ‘Hey, you’re not using it anymore, let me get this and this DVD player – I’m going to play some anime in a bar for five hours,” Brent said.

Brent said the event space, Double Happiness, is a two-level venue, and the lower level will house the stage and bar while the vendors will be on the upper level.

Doors to “Toonami” will open at 9 p.m., and Chilton said the music will start at 10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in presale for $10 or $15 at the door, and the event will be 18+ to foster an adult-only environment, Chilton said.

“My friends inspire me to make music, and I love their music – it’s wonderful, and they’re like my best friends,” Chilton said. “It feels like a team thing and more than a gig. Like, it’s fair for everyone, and we really want it to be seen and appreciated.

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