Artist Spotlight: Soccer Mommy Is Agree to Bring His Soul to Listeners

Soccer Mommy is by far one of the catchiest stage names in the alternative music scene, but most don’t know that Sophie Allison is the woman behind it.

Born in Switzerland and later moving to Nashville, TN, Allison attended the Nashville School of Arts, a specialized high school where she learned to play guitar while performing in the swing band. Her first musical experience was when the singer picked up a guitar at the age of six, which inspired her to become a musician.

Growing up, Allison began posting songs recorded at home on Bandcamp as Soccer Mommy in the summer of 2015 before leaving for New York University. When she got to college, her first show was at a community art space called Silent Barn in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which landed her a record deal with Fat Possum.

Allison dropped out of college after signing to the label and returned to Nashville to pursue her music career. This allowed him to release several projects, the first being For young hearts in 2016 and after Collection in 2017.

What became Soccer Mommy’s true debut album was To clean in 2018, which became highly acclaimed and even noticed by major artists like Kacey Musgraves and Paramore, with whom she ended up touring. With observational and emotionally direct lyrics on tracks like “Your Dog” and “Cool”, Allison made her mark on the alternative genre and stabilized her career at just 20 years old.

What sets Allison apart from the rest is her fuzzy, relatable voice and easy conveying of messages from herself to the listener. Allison doesn’t try to stretch herself too much with extreme production or heavy guitars, but rather likes to create intimate songs that everyone can relate to, even if they’re mostly about heartbreak.

Turning away from songs about breakups and relationships, Allison released her second album, color theory, in 2020, opening up about his mental health struggles and the challenges of aging. She experimented with acoustic and electric guitars and songs like “bloodstream” and “circle the drain” are perfect for feeling the angst and stress of growing up that Allison is feeling.

Now Allison is ready to start filming again as the pandemic slowly slips away from public concern, with Fork even calling his next tour one of the “most anticipated of 2022”. It seems like her stage presence is captivating and unmissable, but who’s surprised?

Clearly, Sophie Allison is a force of nature with an impressive musical catalog and a unique approach to life’s greatest challenges, from grief to maintaining your sanity and growing up in an industry that doesn’t always forgive the young. female artists. She will definitely be around for years to come and it will be exciting to see how Allison maintains her Soccer Mommy status.


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