Bill Kelliher: Why Mastodon Also Splits Songwriting Credits

MASTODON guitarist Bill kelliher spoke to FM99 WNOR radio station about the fact that he and his band mates decided early on to split their writing credits equally among the four band members. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “In our group, when we started, I remember when I signed [a record deal]… We had a lawyer, and he wanted [to know], ‘How do you want to divide all your posts?’ And “Who writes what? – music and stuff like that. And I thought about it long and hard, and said that everyone in the group has a job and everyone is doing something. It might not always be that person who writes all the songs, and I just think it would be silly if it’s, for example, the guys who write the most get paid the most. Because it’s going to be like a competition now in our group. So many groups are breaking up because of this. Bands that have a guy doing all the writing tend to sound very similar on every song.

“I said, ‘You know what? Simply divide up to 25% [for each member]”, he revealed. So no matter what people do in the band… Everyone always has a job. And sometimes. Troy [Sanders, bass/vocals] doesn’t write a lot of riffs, but he does write lyrics. Brann [Dailor, drums/vocals] plays drums but has been writing most of the lyrical content lately.

“I just didn’t want it to be like a competition” Bill added. “And it worked well for us. Everyone writes and everyone contributes in their own way. At the time, Troy drives the van 90 percent of the time. It’s like, well, how do you pay someone more for that if they don’t write the music and you have it in the contract where the guys who write the music get paid more. We are not that kind of group. We are a very fair and democratic group. And that’s what keeps us going. “

Last month, MASTODON was announced as one of the nominees for “Best Metal Performance” at the 64th Grammy Awards, to be held on January 31, 2022, at the Arena (formerly Staples Center) in Los Angeles, California. Progressive Metalheads Were Nominated For Their Song “Pushing the tides”, the first single from their latest album, “Quiet and sinister”, which was released in October.

The sequel to 2017 “Emperor of the Sand”, “Quiet and sinister”was registered at Western strait, which is located inside Embers city, the rehearsal room that the members of MASTODON manage in Atlanta. Leading the effort was Grammy-producer / mixer / winning engineer David bottrill, who has already worked with MUSE, DREAM THEATER and TOOL, among many others.

the “Quiet and sinister” the artwork was created by long time MASTODON collaborater Paul romano, who also designed the sleeves for “Crack The Skye”, “Mountain of blood”, “Leviathan” and more.

“Emperor of the Sand” debuted at # 7 on the Billboard 200. This LP was nominated for the 2018 Grammy Award for “Best rock album” and its opening track, “The curse of the sultan”, won the Grammy Award for “Best performance in metal”.

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