Blackhawk High guitarist and Lincoln Park songwriter on the rise

The buzz continues to grow for Amico DeMuzio, senior at Blackhawk High School, whose guitar prowess has earned him a spot at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

DeMuzio, 17, will be the Youth Showcase representative for Southwestern Pennsylvania at the 2022 International Blues Challenge (IBC), which hosts many of the best unsigned blues groups from around the world for musical competition and industry networking.

To help pay for her expenses in Memphis, local taverns held fundraising shows. That same Sunday, December 19, you can support DeMuzio (friends call him “Meex”) as he entertains at the 1810 Tavern & Meeting House in Bridgewater. Show time is 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., with a $ 5 donation at the door.

Drums player since the age of 3, guitar at 5 and more recently bass, DeMuzio lives and breathes music. I saw him planted in the front row, center stage, enjoying last month’s Jergel’s Rhythm Grille concert by 22-year-old blues sensation Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

In August 2020, after writing about the impending demolition of Beaver County’s best 1970s / 80s music club Morry’s Speakeasy, DeMuzio strapped a guitar to his back and walked through the brush to get to the dilapidated structure of the Rochester Township, making a “final performance” filmed on social media to give this long hallowed place a dignified farewell.

From this month’s Sewickley Light-Up Night concert with John Vento on guitar at the Tull Family Theater, to jam nights at Mario’s Dockside Grille in Bridgewater and O’Donna’s in Rochester Township, DeMuzio has wowed local audiences.

Recognizing his talent and potential, the Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania entered DeMuzio for the IBC from Jan. 18-22 in Memphis, hoping his performance there can be a launching pad.

Amico DeMuzio, a student of Blackhawk High, will compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

ashley’s last

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School student Ashley Marina continues to impress with her compositional balance and powerful vocals on a new single “Clouds Across The Sun”.

The “Clouds Across The Sun” YouTube video recorded 1,800 quick views in 24 hours, featuring dancers choreographed by Miranda Maleski, who was on “So You Think You Can Dance” television.

Marina’s original song and video tells the story of a young couple who bicker, losing sight of the fact that all romantic relationships face hardships.

To a pop melody on piano and acoustic guitar, Marina delivers the opening verse of the ballad: think this thing can’t get worse / We fall apart to find a new low. ”

Hope and faith prevail in the end, Marina noting that “it is in the ebb and flow that forgiveness resides.”

As a 12-year-old contestant in NBC’s 2020 America’s Got Talent, the sky’s the limit for Marina of Kennedy Township.

Marina will be a soloist in the “House of Pop” show at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center on January 27-28 and she is booked for the Kids Music Fest in Augusta, Ga. On April 22.

Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School student Ashley Marina has a new single and a YouTube video.

Granatis on stage

The Granati brothers will be swinging around the Christmas tree or any Christmas decorations on display on December 23 at Mario’s Dockside Grille in Bridgewater.

The show time is from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

This is the first full group performance by the beloved Beaver County rockers since their performance at Beaver Station on July 16 with Donnie Iris.

Beabadoobee in the ‘burgh

The last night of a tour brings additional relaxation.

And that’s what happened last Saturday at Stage AE for indie rocker Beabadoobee, whose first major headliner in Pittsburgh featured surprise appearances from her debut acts Blackstar Kids and Christian Leave, letting off steam on the stage. and seizing vocal opportunities. They were all letting off steam and Beabadoobee herself admitted that she had already had a few adult drinks, legal now that she was 21.

I realize that I’m throwing names that are unfamiliar to a lot of you, so here’s some background.

Beabadoobee is the stage name of Filipino-British indie rocker Beatrice Laus, whose 2020 full rookie “Fake It Flowers” has floored critics (I ranked it as the second best album of this year) and whose song Acoustic “Coffee” went viral and was featured in a hit Dunkin ‘Donuts commercial after the song was remixed by Canadian rapper Powfu.

Originally booked for late March 2020 at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville, as the world came to a halt due to the pandemic, Beabadoobee finally made a triumphant appearance in Pittsburgh at an AE stadium three times the size, but only a third full.

People will understand, and size doesn’t always matter. I appreciated the extra space at Stage AE to move around safely as Beabadoobee’s hour-long set showcased his alluring blend of ’90s-style rock guitar with a voice that starts off ethereal but intensifies emotionally when ‘she comes to the chorus often angry.

Songs like “Care” and “He Gets Me So High” were spellbinding.

Indie rocker Beabadoobee wrapped up her 2021 tour on a high at Stage AE, Pittsburgh.

Its future is bright, so put Beabadoobee on your radar now.

Ditto for her opening act Leave, a goofy name, but the 21-year-old Texan’s musical chops grabbed attention as a singer and guitarist. It’s categorized as indie-pop, but Leave and his band went wild with some dazzling rock jams.

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Christian Leave (right) showed he has a bright future with his performance at the AE stage opener for Beabadoobee.

The first act on stage, Blackstar Kids, ignited young viewers with a mix of hip-hop and synth-pop, with male and female voices shared. Blackstar Kids breathed in fun, and later did a good job at their merchandising table, posing for photos with new fans.

But was this one of my 10 favorite shows of 2021?

Find out next week, when I’m listing my favorite and least favorite shows from the past year.

Blackstar Kids wowed the young crowd at Stage AE last Saturday.

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