Bob Dylan lyrics: Fill in the blanks (if you can!)

Hello and welcome to our new game, Fill in the blanks.

Here we will test your knowledge of some of the best and most famous songs of all time.

In this episode, we’ll dive into the complicated, beautiful, and timeless lyrics of great American artist Bob Dylan, through three of his most popular songs.

And here’s how it will go: below, you’ll see a stanza or two from various Dylan songs. But they will be incomplete with “______” for the missing word. This is where you can, if you have the ability, fill in those blanks.

For example: “The times they are ______” (and the answer would be “changing”). The answers will be written below. But no cheating.

Ready? Adjust? Let’s go!

1. “It’s Alright, Mom (I’m Just Bleeding)”

Darkness at the break of _____
Shadow even the silver spoon
The artisanal blade, the child’s balloon
Eclipses both the sun and _____
To understand you know too soon
There is no sense in ____

Sharp threats, they bluff with ____
Suicidal talk is torn
From the golden mouth of the fool the hollow ____
Play useless words, prove that it is necessary to warn
That he’s not busy being born is busy _____

2. “Tangled Up In Blue”

She was married when we first ____
Soon ____
I helped her out of a mess, I guess
But I used a little too much force
We drove this car as far as we could
I left him ____

Parted on a dark and sad night
Both agreed that it was better
She turned to look at me
As I was ____
I heard her say over my shoulder
“We will meet again one day on the avenue”

___ in ___

3. “It’s not me baby”

Get away from my _____
Leave at your choice ____
I’m not the one you want, baby
i am ____ you need

You say you’re looking for someone
Who is never ___ but always ____
To protect and defend you
Whether you’re right or wrong
Someone to open every door
But it’s not me, baby
No, no, no, it’s not me, baby
_____ you looking for, baby







1. Noon, moon, try, scorn, horn, death

2. Met, Divorced, West, Move Away, Tangled, Blue

3. Window, speed, not the only one, weak, strong, it’s not me

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