Booming country singer-songwriter Hank Williams IV to make Madison debut


Hank williams iv

It’s always fun to interview new artists who are coming to perform in central Maine, as is the case with a country singer-songwriter with a very famous name: Hank Williams IV. Back on the 15th of this month, I got a call from a gentleman with a southern accent and we had a chat.

Williams: Hi, is that Lucky Clark?

Q: Yes it is.
Williams: Here Hank Williams IV.

Q: Hello sir, how are you?
Williams: Make it fantastic.

Q: Good to hear. Now, have you ever played in Maine?
Williams: Yes, we played in Maine on June 12th.

Q: Have you ever played Somerset Abbey by any chance?
Williams: No, but I can’t wait to play this series.

Q: I think you will like the place and the people who go there will like you too.
Williams: I hope so (laughs).

Q: How do you go about choosing what to do with music?
Williams: I’m just trying to sit down and read the audience and see pretty much what they like, if they want to hear a bunch of old classic stuff, like the Hank Sr. stuff, or are they more the rowdy type and love the Hank Jr.

Q: Do you write songs yourself?
Williams: I do a little. I’m not really a songwriter but I do a bit. I have a few songs there: “Hank Williams’ Ghost” and “I-65”, which I co-wrote with my mate Jeff Dunham.

Q: What do you have as a support group with you?
Williams: At the moment we are a group of three musicians who is myself, I play solo guitar and I have a drummer and a bassist.

Q: Ah, just the basics.
Williams: It’s very basic but it sounds really good.

Q: I don’t doubt it at all. Now, just out of curiosity, where are you calling from?
Williams: My home here in Montgomery, Alabama.

Q: How long do you spend on the road?
Williams: As much as I can (laughs). I love to go on the road, I love to travel, I love to see new faces and play in theaters, I love it.

Q: And with the lifting of the restrictions a bit, you should take advantage of that as well.
Williams: I’m doing it, but it’s a little slow right now, I hope COVID doesn’t lift its ugly head and things calm down, but I don’t think it will, I think things will go downhill. ‘will improve.

Q: I hope so too. Now, how much time do you spend on the road, when you can get on it, that is.
Williams: Oh, Lord, I think the longest I’ve ever been on the road would be two to three weeks, usually I would go out for a few shows here and there on weekends and the same the following weekend.

Q: Earlier you indicated that you perform songs by Hank Sr. and Hank Jr., how far do you go in their music catalogs?
Williams: Quite deep, actually. One of the reasons I absolutely love their music and stuff is that they tell a story. Most music these days doesn’t show real, real emotions, it doesn’t reveal anything, and I mean, come on: songs about tractors and all that? Dude, this just isn’t real! Hank wrote about his real emotions, his sorrows, his relationships with people, the real things, that’s what he wrote.

Q: Well, he’s definitely an icon in the country music business, that’s for sure.
Williams: Absoutely. I’ve admired her since I was little. I played all of his records and sang with them, writing the lyrics, reading the songbooks, and everything like that. It was at the age of 4 and I did my first performance at the age of 5.

Q: It starts young, for sure. What do you want people to take away from the Madison show at Somerset Abbey?
Williams: I don’t know, just hope it makes everyone happy and hope they really enjoy it and stuff.

Q: Oh, I just have to ask you: do you have a favorite Hank Williams Sr. song?
Williams: Well I have a favorite song, it’s always been my favorite, and it just happens to be the first song I learned from Hank Sr. and it’s a little tune called “Hey , Good Lookin ‘”! It’s always been my favorite, that and then “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” was another of my favorites because it’s yodeling in it and I love doing this song, it’s a fun song.

Q: Now, is there anything you would like to pass on to people reading this article?
Williams: Yes, if they want to check my social media, my facebook page is hankwilliamsiv, they can check my youtube channel on hankwilliamsiv, check the website: it’s and hope they like my music.

Lucky Clark has spent over 50 years writing about great music and the people who make it. He can be contacted at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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