Cassandra Jenkins announces album of outtakes, demos and new songs


There were few albums this year that allowed for such pure thinking as Cassandra Jenkins’. A glimpse of phenomenal nature. The album’s seven modest songs leave a lasting mark between Jenkins’ soft vocals, guitar, and lyric-heavy moments. But hearing some of the initial mixes of those songs gives a window into the unexpected directions they might have gone.

With the just announced (An overview on) A glimpse of phenomenal nature, New York native Jenkins features the initial bones, sketches, demos, and takes of these beautifully languid tracks. Released on November 19 via Ba Da Bing, it’s an insightful window into the evolution of such songs, such as “Hailey (pRemix)”, a low-key pop dance number led by a drum machine. There’s even a new song from the early sessions that Jenkins and producer Josh Kauffman (who has worked with everyone from Bob Weir to Taylor Swift) have composed.

Listen to “Hailey (pRemix)” above, check out Cassandra Jenkins’ US and European tour dates here, and below, find the (An overview on) A glimpse of phenomenal nature art and song list.

Ole Brodersen

1. “Michelangelo (Demo)”
2. “New bikini first take)”
3. “Crosshairs (Interlude)”
4. “Mrs. Cassandra”
5. “American spirits”
6. “Hailey (pRemix)”
7. “Ambiguous Norway (instrumental)”
8. “Hard drive (security guard)”

(An overview on) A glimpse of phenomenal nature was released on 11/19 via Ba Da Bing Records. Pre-order it here.

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