Cool Indie Fridays #57

Scroll down to hear new releases on Fresh Indie Fridays from independent artists (clockwise from top left) Kashmira, Gaurav Jagwani, Achanté, Nitansha and The Darshan Doshi Trio. Photos: Courtesy of the artists; Soham Joshi (Kashmir)

The Darshan Doshi Trio – Live On Tour 2022

After the release of the seven-track album Live On Tour 2021 earlier this year, Mumbai drummer Darshan Doshi and his project The Darshan Doshi Trio are now back with an eight-song LP titled Live On Tour 2022. The songs for the new live album were recorded during the group’s performances in five Indian cities last June. While the first live album featured Rhythm Shaw guitarist and bassist Avishek Dey, the new one features guitarist Rickraj Nath and synth bassist/bassist Harshit Misra aka Hashbass, while vocalist Isheeta Chakrvarty sits on one song. Live On Tour 2022 is filled with intricate grooves and sublime interactions between musicians, as well as plenty of dynamics that showcase a gritty but unacknowledged drum and electronic bass sound.

Gaurav Jagwani- Dots and dashes

On his latest five-track EP Dots and dashes, Mumbai singer-songwriter Gaurav Jagwani shares vocal duties with other singer-songwriters like Banat, Utsavi Jha and Manuka. The warm and wholesome acoustic record falls into country, folk and blues categories while Jagwani’s heartfelt lyrics stand out, as do the vocal harmonies throughout the EP. He said in a statement: “I’ve always wanted to do an album with female singers and bringing three of the most sought after artists in the country to the next level is nothing short of phenomenal. I wrote these songs during confinement, always with the intention of making duets.

Nitansha – “Two”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Nitansha brings out a darker, moodier sound through his latest single “Two”. The synth-leaning track accentuates Nitansha’s captivating vocals and soulful vocals. The artist said in a statement:[The song] tells how difficult the last two years have been. It reflects all the moments of vulnerability where I doubt myself and try to look for answers.

Cashmere – “To be found”

Pune rock artist Kashmira recently released his second single of the year in the form of the raucous “To Be Found”. The song features heavy, distorted guitars, punchy drums, a juicy guitar solo as well as Kashmira’s steely vocals. The track simmers during the verses with acoustic guitar strumming, but retains Kashmira’s distinct rock sound. The artist said in a statement, “The title is about self-discovery, which has always been the basis of most of my lyrics before, but it’s so much more than that. The lyrics will paint a certain picture, but they are what you make of them.

Achanté feat. zContent – “The One Who Got Away”

Earlier this month, Mumbai-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Chantelle Menezes aka Achanté released her emotional debut single, “The One Who Got Away,” featuring Canadian artist zContent. The song’s dream-pop production perfectly matches Achanté’s melodious vocals and lush texture. In a statement, she said: “This track brings [the] Toronto and South Asian Diaspora together. It weaves the story of two star-crossed lovers and deftly maneuvers the listener through feelings of passion, longing, unrequited love and closure.

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