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The end of a marriage is accompanied by many changes in life. Where previously there was a household, two households suddenly appear. The moving partner usually needs a number of new pieces of furniture to furnish their future home.

In addition, there are costs for the move itself. Covering all of these costs from regular income often exceeds the financial capacity of people living in separation. A loan during the separation year, therefore, makes sense to bridge the first phase.

Carry out the separation as mutually as possible


There is rarely a separation in couples because only one spouse has continuously misbehaved. As a rule, you live apart slowly and slowly before the big noise or adultery happens. You should admit this fact, because only then can you start to deal sensibly with the separation.

Because it is important to clarify maintenance issues. This is particularly important when there are children together. In this situation, it makes no sense to forego mercy splitting on income tax because you no longer want to sit at a table. The only consequence of this is that the credit must be significantly higher during the separation year.

Initiate divorce properly

Initiate divorce properly

The same applies to the divorce of the marriage itself. The less one can agree with the former partner, the more expensive the divorce is usually. If each partner has their own lawyer, the double fees will be charged and the loan during the separation year will increase by another thousand dollars.

If, in the end, questions such as the right to deal with children in court have to be disputed, the spiral of fees is finally driven to levels that make a loan inevitable. In this respect, it is worth overcoming your own pride and dealing with the end of the relationship as rationally as possible.

Rearrange life as quickly as possible

A loan during the separation year should always be viewed as an interim solution and paid off as quickly as possible. As a rule, the situation returns to normal in the medium term, also in financial terms. From this point on you should strive for quick removal.

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