Custom-created songs can be a gift of a lifetime, and a Fargo songwriter is ready to help.

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The list of unique gifts could last as long as the internet goes on forever, but who has the time or the patience for it when you can create swan song of gifts?

It’s true. You can create your own song – and Fargo-Moorhead-area singer-songwriter and The Arts Partnership’s artistic partner, Dan Christianson, wants to help.

Christianson started offering custom songwriting last year, and the service quickly became a popular hit.

“If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at writing a song,” Christianson can do it, he says. He fuses his creative muscles with his musicality and works with people of all ages and backgrounds to create the lyrics of a lifetime.

Singer and songwriter Dan Christianson.  Special at the Forum

Singer and songwriter Dan Christianson. Special at the Forum

Requests poured into its Songshop page around the same time last year, with each request as unique as the person honored.

“The topics of the songs range from heartfelt to hilarious,” Christianson says. “The clients have been very creative with the titles and the themes. I accept all challenges.

Brandon Shimpa and his wife commissioned Christianson to write a song that commemorates the couple’s many jokes so they can enjoy the memories with their children. They say the experience was one of a kind.

“The song is called ‘Shakey Mondays’ and takes us to Shakey Mondays (at Kroll’s Diner) when we weren’t dating, when we were dating, and now go with our two kids,” says Shimpa. “I wanted something that would not only allow my wife and I to laugh at all the jokes inside now, but something for our two children to grow up and ask us to tell the stories that have made us laugh for decades. future. They’re going to ask us when they’re 30, ‘Why is there such a thing about potato gratins (and ham)?’ “

Listen to: “Shakey Mondays”

Client Carrie Hartwig needed a holiday gift for her notoriously hard-to-find in-laws. She opted for a song honoring the “1pm to Michigan” it takes to get to “Camp Nana and Papa”.

“I felt like it would be a very unique and special gift for them, and it was,” Hartwig said.

Christianson put everything the family asked for in the song, including a flute solo for their daughter.

“It was perfectly written for our family,” says Hartwig.

Listen to: “Camp Nana et Papa”

Jim Hoy had a similar experience with Christianson as Hartwig and Shimpa.

“Dan helped my three kids develop a song for their superhero: Mom,” Hoy says. “He created the song ‘Supermom’ with our contribution.”

Christianson designed pieces for each of the children to sing a line.

“Dan was a great teammate in the process and the song made Mom cry with joy last Christmas.”

Hoy said it was a “better than any present under the tree” gift.

The clients of the song may be as or as little involved in the writing and recording process.

“I had family members who wanted to perform and be on the songs,” Christianson says. “Typically, the more involved the customer is in the process, the more meaningful it is to the person receiving the gift,” he says.

It’s not too late to book that last minute love song, but don’t wait too long. Christianson books his ballads quickly, so send him a jingle ASAP if you’re looking for a Christmas carol.

A song takes about a week to write and record. The cost ranges from $ 100 to $ 250, depending on the complexity and recording needs, as if he has to collaborate with other local artists.

“I work well under pressure, but if you’re looking to do a song by Christmas and call me on the 23rd, you might be looking for a Christmas miracle,” he says.

Book Dan Christianson to create your own song on his Songshop page,, or find more information or contact him here:


E-mail: d[email protected]

Call: 701-213-2219

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