Dionne Warwick and Chance the Rapper release Gospel-Rap song “Nothing’s Impossible”

Dionne Warwick has released her new single “Nothing’s Impossible”, featuring Chance the Rapper to help three charities created by Warwick and Chance, independently.

The gospel rap track, which has been compared to Warwick’s 1985 hit “That’s What Friends Are For,” a collaboration with Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and Elton John, to help raise funds for AIDS research, is a new chapter for the artist in his philanthropic work.

“Nothing is impossible” started on Twitter, where Warwick first started tweet with Chance, wondering why “the rapper” was in his stage name. The tweet went viral and Warwick was quickly dubbed the “Queen of Twitter” for her social media posts.

Proceeds from the new single, released via Kind Music Group, will support two charities founded by Warwick and his son Damon Elliott: Hunger: Not Impossible, which offers prepaid take-out meals for children from local restaurants; and Kind Music Academy, which offers a hands-on program for children to learn music.

“Education, clothing, food and shelter are the four keys to success in life,” Warwick said in a statement. “Without one, you just can’t have the others. As a Doctor of Music, my personal mission is and always has been to educate my babies around the world on the importance of music not only as a key form of expression, but as a tool to raise awareness and help people. who really need it.

On November 30, the two organizations will launch a 12-day donation campaign until Warwick’s 81st birthday on December 12.

“Kind Music Academy offers a hands-on program where kids teach kids, under the guidance of my son, Damon [Elliott], whom I have personally seen grow and learn from his own experiences in this field of music, becoming one of the most sought-after songwriters, composers, engineers and producers, ”added Warwick. “Our mission is to empower babies to learn not only to be successful in this business, but also to pursue long and honest careers while helping the next generation to do the same. Like I always say, ‘If you can think it, you can do it.’ “

The single will also benefit SocialWorks, a Chicago-based nonprofit that Chance the Rapper founded to help empower young people in the arts, education and civic engagement.

“Dionne Warwick is a legendary artist,” said Chance the Rapper. “I was so touched to learn that she even knew my name when she mentioned me on Twitter several months ago, so having the opportunity to collaborate together has been a great honor.”

Photo: Kind Music Group / Shorefire

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