DJ and music producer Cova turns to professional live streaming on Twitch


JERSEY CITY, NJ, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Producer, DJ and Sound Engineer Cova has officially announced his booming Twitch music show Tips for Editing Music (TMT) now regularly offers a wide variety of music-related content to thousands of listeners. TMT quickly became a lightning rod for the most electric creators in the industry while providing sponsorship opportunities to several music makers. TMT was recently featured by Twitch as one of the best music talk shows on the platform, although TMT at the time only had 5,500 subscribers, while others on the list had over 300,000. TMT offers weekly artist interviews, DJ production broadcast tutorials, equipment reviews, live product demos and live Q&A sessions for listeners during each broadcast. A related website is also available to provide tutorials and one-on-one training for those who wish to take their music education to the next level.

“Whether you want to call it serendipity or fate, it all started in November 2019 before the pandemic changed everything,” Cova said. “I started broadcasting live on Facebook with a show I called ‘Tweak Music Tips.’ At first it was just a way to help my colleagues learn the basics of the industry, while allowing them to connect with other music professionals. It has grown organically from there to become an exciting collection of important content. We listen very carefully to what our audience needs, exploring so many requested topics by users as possible. We are also rendering a valuable service as many trade shows and exhibitions have been canceled due to the pandemic. And we continue to work in tandem with many manufacturers of equipment, software and applications to achieve music industry professionals. ”

DJ Cova and “Tweak Music Tips”

TMT is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to get started in music or those who just want to learn a little more about the music they love. With informative interviews that truly explore the depths of music creation, streaming, branding, and the growth process, Tweak Music Tips has already captured the interest of major industry heavyweights, including shows with:

  • Lady Gaga’s multi-Grammy producer, White Shadow.
  • Grammy winner, Lil jon.
  • Grammy winner Jazzy Jeff (“The Fresh Prince of Belair” show).
  • Grammy winners, The Nasty Beatmakers (producers of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled and “Wild Thoughts” by Rhianna).
  • Grammy winner, Fatman Scoop.
  • Too short, A-Trak, Green Lantern, chubby chubby, Sophia Eris, and many others.

“The switch to Twitch made sense as they have a global reach and their live streaming software really allowed us to show off what our musicians and industry guests were doing,” Cova said. “We’ve also seriously upgraded the traditional look of Twitch, making the show look sleek and professional – which in turn has gained new followers and started to attract industry sponsors. , we’ve gone from five live viewers on episode one to over 1,400 live viewers on various episodes. And we’ve already worked with various music equipment manufacturers like Shure, Pioneer, Rane, Yamaha and Mackie. , we’ve expanded the show to include other social media platforms, but TMT’s heart still beats like a Twitch broadcast. “

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