Emerging Artist James Eastwood Releases Refreshing Indie/Pop Music

Author: Alicia Parker

James Eastwood and his new tracks are just what indie/pop listeners need right now. The artist has released his latest tracks which amaze the fans.

Aindie/pop artist, James Eastwood delivered yet more refreshing and promising new tracks that are now creating a buzz in the music-loving community. He took the genre to another level with the outstanding creation this time. In a short time, the artists gained followers and music lovers who greatly appreciated the artist’s latest creation, an EP named Uncertainty which includes the beautiful tracks Jealousy and So pretty. The entire album is filled with beautiful lyricism and rhythm enriched with a soothing melody that has audiences hooked on the artist.

Especially the songs ‘Jealousy’ and ‘So pretty’ have been fan favorites since their release. James Eastwood in these two soundscapes showed a unique way of telling and expressing his feelings that captivates the listener’s ears and mind, allowing him to enter the world of the singer’s emotions. As an independent artist, all credit for the creation and production of the records goes solely to the singer. Her other soundscapes such as “This is life” and “Uncertainty” are included in the EP and apart from this EP, her other songs such as “Amy”, “Just Listening” also managed to catch the attention of listeners. The complete discography of the artist is available on Spotify and two other music platforms, Amazon Music and Apple Music. You can also follow the artist for the latest updates at Twitter.

Listen to James Eastwood’s songs on Spotify:



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