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TROY – About a dozen kilometers from Moscow’s bustling Farmer’s Market, which attracts vendors from across the region and beyond, a smaller market has sprung up in an attempt to keep it local.

The Latah Farmer’s Market opens every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Troy City Park. It is nearing the end of its inaugural season, which began in June and will end on October 16.

One of the organizers of the market, Elizabeth Belisle, said the biggest difference between the Saturday market in Troy and the one in Moscow, besides its size, is the focus on vendors in Latah County.

“We saw the need for a 100% local farmer’s market in our county,” she said on Saturday. “There are a lot of producers in the region who are just not big enough to commit to a full season or to the Moscow market. And so we wanted to have an alternate option here and felt that Troy Park was just about the perfect location.

It’s perfect, she says, because it’s not too far from Moscow or other towns in Latah County. She said there were on average about 25 salespeople per week.

Each vendor in the market is from Latah County and sells produce that they have grown, raised, or created on their own. Belisle said the purpose of the market is to showcase what the local community has to offer.

“Really, we have a lot of amazing people in Latah County, and it’s great to have all of us come together to support each other and let people know what is available in our county,” he said. she declared. “You don’t have to go out of Latah to find certain things.”

One of those vendors, Aubrey Renteria, a Deary woman who sells home decor items at the market, said she also appreciates her mission to put Latah County first.

“I just like supporting local businesses,” she said.

Neal Wadley, a trapper who lives near Deary, had never tried to sell his coyote skins and beaver blankets in a market before this year. Wadley said he was inspired to do so after “just walking past and seeing the sign.”

Saturday marked the third week he had moved to the Latah Farmers Market and, to his pleasant surprise, he sold well every weekend.

The familiar sights and sounds of the music market, food, drink, colorful artwork, and friendly conversation greeted visitors who arrived at the park.

The Saturday market didn’t just attract buyers. Runners showed up to compete in the fourth annual Troy EMS 911 race. As part of the fundraising event for Troy Volunteer Ambulance, runners can choose to run 5 km or 9.11 miles. Both races started at Troy City Park.

Troy Volunteer Ambulance President Cindy Gray said 60 runners have entered this year’s race. Although fundraising is part of the goal, Gray said the main purpose of the event is to promote healthy living, celebrate community and “most of all just to bring people together.”

Next weekend, the Latah Farmers Market will be offering a free community cider pressing event. Visitors can bring up to 50 pounds of apples and volunteers will squeeze them. People can bring their own jugs or buy them from selected vendors.

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