Filipino indie duo count on healing stories compilation

We all have our comfort songs, whether it’s a classic from our childhood or a new favorite we’ve just discovered. For Reanne and Noah—which together form reonthey decided to compile theirs into an EP.

Embodying the feelings of a warm hug and a reassuring smile, Filipino chamber pop duo Feelings tell a dark story of healing and the pain that often accompanies it.

“This EP covers a compilation of different stories showing the path of letting go, it shows how people generally deal with pain and grief. We wrote what we thought made us feel sentimental and vulnerable,” the Filipino duo said. moving train.

“We want this set of songs to be the friend everyone longs for, it’s meant to bring comfort and relief to those in need.”

Armed with lyrics that exude a sense of warmth and security, reon recently won the songwriting contest. PhilPop with their touching single ‘Suyo’. Hoping to share more of their music and stories with the world, their victory only marks the beginning of what the duo have in store.

moving train recently caught up with Reanne and Noah to talk about making music together, surviving lockdowns, and putting their hearts into Feelings.

Hi reon! How has your year been so far?

Reanne: It was great for me! I can say that I have improved a lot compared to last year. I take good care of my personal health and have also met many people with whom I share my interests. It’s been an exciting year so far.

Noah: Things have been going pretty well lately. I tried new things like working out, going for walks more often. I’ve also been trying to break the loop on how I’ve been doing things over the past year.

You two got together during the pandemic, what was the experience of creating new music together in the midst of all the lockdowns? What are some memorable moments from that time that you can share with us?

Reanne: Creating music during lockdown isn’t much of a challenge for us since we’re both introverted. We could just send each other voice messages and lyric ideas via Messenger. The only difficulty we had was when we had to meet for a shoot because we don’t live in the same city; just like the time we had to shoot for ‘Suyo’. I have to cross borders with our QR codes and our vaccination books.

Noah: Nothing actually changed about the way we do things, we made music through online sessions or sent voice notes before the lockdowns even happened. But one thing is for sure, this pandemic has made us all try new things, whether in terms of production, lyricism and even approach to songwriting,

Winner PhilPopa prestigious songwriting competition, in the midst of this pandemic is probably one of the most remarkable things that has happened to me.

Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

Reanne: I can say that Noah is a very talented being, basically a prodigy.

Noah: She is very passionate about her art.

How would you describe the music Reon makes?

Reanne: I can say that our sound is experimental, independent and relatable.

Noah: I could describe the music we make as distinct.

Congratulations on the release of your very first EP! Can you tell us more about the record and the story it tells?

Reanne: the Feelings EP covers a compilation of different stories showing the journey of letting go, it shows how people generally deal with pain and grief.

Once you’ve listened to the entire EP, you can observe that each song describes the character’s experience of self-healing and self-reflection. What makes this EP special is that everyone can relate to it. We all go through these different stages of sadness and we all have these silent battles with ourselves that no one knows about; people cope differently and this EP is just one representation of those unsaid feelings.

Noah: All the emotions were laid down while we were doing this series of songs. We wrote what we thought made us sentimental and vulnerable.

What do you want to convey to your listeners through Feelings?

Reanne: We would like them to feel like they are not alone. Sometimes the only thing that comforts us when people don’t understand how we feel is listening to music. Even though we don’t know them personally, we know that our songs could also be their story. I just hope our song touches the hearts of everyone who listens to it.

Noah: It’s just that we wanted this set of songs to be the friend everyone’s been waiting for. It is intended to bring comfort and relief to those in need.

Was there a song from the EP that you were particularly excited to share with the world?

Reanne: For me, that would be the song ‘Feelings’. It’s been my comfort song ever since. Whenever I felt sad or lonely, I secretly listened to it on my phone. It was before the EP came out and it was barely done but the song never failed to comfort me. That’s why I couldn’t wait for people to hear it.

When it came out, I felt like a heavy weight had finally lifted off my chest. It was so weird that the song I was saving to myself was finally open and people could listen to it on their phones. That’s when I realized it wasn’t just going to be my comfort song anymore. It will be theirs too and I am so happy that we can finally share it with them.

Noah: “Is It Too Much To Ask” has always had a place in my heart since we started working on it. It’s an interior monologue about the thought of losing someone who isn’t even there. This particular song was my favorite and I knew from the start that I had to share with listeners the pain I felt on the song.

Beyond the EP, what else does it have in store for you in 2022?

Reanne: For this year, expect more content and songs from both of us!

Noah: People could expect new things from both of us, I can say that with certainty.

Share with us where you hope to see reon in the next five years.

Reanne: Over the next 5 years, I hope we will one day collaborate with amazing artists and make history in the music industry.

Noah: We’ve probably done a fair amount of songs by then. We hope to be recognized internationally and gain a wider audience by then.

What’s the best part of making music together?

Reanne: The best part of making music together is that I learn a lot from my partner. And from there, I am able to improve for the better.

Noah: Having two minds working on a song is definitely better than doing it alone. For me, it breathes more life into the songs and makes the songs more personal for both of us.

Listen reon Feelings here.

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