Good Fortune shares retro French pop single “Mon Coeur”

Toronto-based musician and visual artist Kelsey McNulty has shared a video for her new single titled Good Fortune, “My Heart.”

The track is from his upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released on April 21, 2022. “Mon Coeur” is a retro French pop single. Throughout the track, McNulty channels the sounds of 1960s Parisian yé-yé over dreamy melodies and surf-rock guitars. The accompanying video is animated and directed by McNulty. He offers captivating and dreamlike stop motion drawings.

“It’s influenced by a style and era of music from the 60s and 70s,” McNulty says of “Mon Coeur.” “Pop music at that time was recorded live and captured the energy of a band. I was also influenced by French pop music of that time, especially Françoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg and especially her rhythm section on L story of Mélodie Nelson that grooves throughout this record.

Listen to “My Heart” below.

Learn more about “My Heart”:

McNulty co-wrote the track with guitarist James Taylor (YUKA). Co-produced with Scott McCannel and with support from James Taylor and Jon Hyde, “My Heart” was recorded on analog tape and then transferred digitally.

“I love the energy of live players captured on tape – when everyone is figuring out their parts and feeling the song,” says McNulty. “I think this approach inevitably adds an energy to the music that the listener feels more than they hear. It gives another presence to the music. It’s a sound that I had the chance to explore in a surf group that I co-lead and which is called Carlo. We recorded our two albums and all of our demos live and on tape. In a way, this project is an extension of that group and includes some of its members.

In addition to “My Heart”, Luck features the previously released “Feelin It”.

Discover the tracklist of Luck below.

Luck List of tracks:

01 – “I Know”
02 – “Feel It”
03 – “My Heart”
04 – “Time does no good”
05 – “Island of Hope”
06 – “Area”
07 – “We and we”
08 – “Long Way (Good Fortune)”
09 – “Memory”
10 – “The City”
11 – “Ghost”

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