Indie duo Milky Chance release folk-tinged single “Unknown Song”

German indie duo milky luck drop the soothing, folk-tinged single “Unknown Song,” a polished take on a fan-favorite unofficial demo they gave us back in 2015. Now, it returns fully fleshed out, punctuated by a combination of infectious guitars and upbeat drums softened by smooth vocal lines from Clemens Rehbein and guest vocalist Paulina Eisenberg.

Taking us back to a time when the band were beginning their musical journey, the track is filled with nostalgia as it charts the sonic evolution of Milky Chance. From a simple beat and guitars, “Unknown Song” evolved into a groovy production nuanced with soft harmonica touches. Rooted in their DIY sensibilities while simultaneously showing how they grew up, the lush track takes loyal fans back to the indie act’s infancy.

After rising to fame with the catchy indie-folk single “Stolen Dance” in 2013, Milky Chance have managed to maintain a dual identity as musicians who create infectious soundscapes and eco-conscious creatives who work for sustainability. in the music industry. . From a viral debut to a solid presence in indie folk music, Milky Chance has come a long way in their journey and there is still a long way to go.

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