Indie Games Spotlight – New Journeys Ahead

Indie Games Spotlight is Goomba Stomp’s bi-weekly column where we highlight some of the most exciting new and upcoming indie games. 2022 has gotten off to a wild start with recent Nintendo Direct and big-name acquisitions dominating the news cycle, but as always there are more than a few exciting indie titles to watch amid all the buzz. Adorable dogs? Pictorial hikes? Flying sharks? We’ve got a bit of everything in the spotlight this week, so let’s get to it!

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to be attached to grappling dog

If there’s one thing that’s been proven so far, it’s that you can never have too many dog ​​games. Give this dog a grappling hook, though, and you’re bound to have something special on your hands. This may explain why grappling dog looks like such a winner: this pixelated 2D platformer lets players zip through the skies as a grappling hook-wielding doggo named Pablo, while providing the freedom to play however you see fit.

Boasting a joyful and colorful artistic style, grappling dog lets players get lost in six handcrafted platforming worlds filled with devious skill tests, secrets to reveal, and over-the-top boss battles. There may be an evil robot overlord trying to destroy the world, but that’s not enough to stop this from being an upbeat quest filled with lovable characters – and that’s not to mention the possibility of pet the dog. What’s not to like? No need to wait to get started on this one, since grappling dog is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC!

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Listen to the sounds of A Highland Song

Evoking the jagged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, A Highland Song is a narrative platform game from the English indie studio ink-a name that many might recognize as the creators of last year’s outstanding At the sea! A Highland Song follows Moira McKinnon, a young woman who sets out on an expedition across the north of Scotland to reach her uncle’s lighthouse along the coast. What ensues is an expedition mixing side-scrolling platforming with rhythmic gameplay elements to create an audio-visual tribute to Scottish culture.

Varied terrain and hidden trails await you on your journey through A Highland song, accompanied by a folk soundtrack composed by some of the biggest names in Scottish music. The gameplay evolves along with the soundtrack, so get ready to time your journey to the beat. The game also promises abundant replayability with alternate routes and secrets to encounter on each journey, keeping players coming back for another ride again and again. No release date has been set yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to play soon A Highland Song for us on Switch and PC.

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Square in Kung Fu Kickball

We all know the daily regimen of a kung fu master: constant training, discipline and lots and lots of kickball. Anyway that’s it Kung Fu Kickball would have us believe. This multiplayer sports action game combines football gameplay with the sleek, acrobatic flair of classic kung fu movies. With support for up to four players, Kung Fu Kickball is a complete party experience that, unlike kung fu itself, is as easy to learn as it is difficult to master.

With six unique characters each with their own playstyle, Kung Fu Kickball provides an accessible control scheme enhanced by a simple yet robust three-button control scheme supporting numerous combos. Not to mention distinct stages, single-player championship modes, and support for local and online co-op. Although it’s been available in Early Access for years, Kung Fu Kickball has finally reached its long-awaited full official release on all major consoles and PCs.

animated GIF
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Don’t give up in Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield “Da Update”

It’s not often that we highlight games we’ve already covered on Indie Games Spotlight, but it’s worth making an exception for Aerial_Knight never give in with its massive free extension “Da Update”. Although we adored it in our review for its first release last year, it didn’t enjoy the most universal acclaim – which is why it’s great to see the titular developer Aerial_Knight Return to the game with a host of improvements designed to address player criticism and feedback.

Some of the changes to “Da Update” include brand new bonus levels, endless runner mode, online leaderboards, new music tracks, level design changes and added story elements, all aimed at enhancing the core gaming experience and making its already-attractive styling and flare feel all the more substantial. If you haven’t already gone for a run never give inthere’s no better time than this week since “Da Update” released on February 15 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with all other platforms to follow soon after.

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Find your way with townseek

What better way to travel the world than aboard an airship carried by a floating shark? Set in a world populated by anthropomorphic cats, sharks, and even humans, townseek is an imaginative and comfortable exploration game where players embark on an adventure to fill every corner of the world map, while reassembling the journal of the famous Sir Reginald Sharkingston.

townseek is unabashedly silly, and the world is built with lots of heart and charm as you explore an open world filled with fiery volcanoes, idyllic forests, and stunning ocean reefs. Along the way, there will be plenty to discover and manage as you fill in your journal, build up an inventory of useful items, and encounter a range of enigmatic characters. townseek looks to dial the chill up to 11 when it releases on PC later this year.

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