Indie singer Tanmaya Bhatnagar can’t wait to perform in Kolkata | Bengali Cinema News

Independent singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar who has released his new single is looking forward to performing in Kolkata. No, his eagerness is not because the city and its people are musically inclined and culturally cautious. Kolkata is her mother’s city. Kolkata is the city where his mother studied. It is also the city that she has frequented since her childhood. So there is a deep connection with the city, shares the singer. From the iconic Howrah Bridge, the pristine Victoria Memorial and the ever-bustling streets of Kolkata to the ethereal tram ride and famous hand-pulled rickshaws, Tanmaya connects to the soul of the city. There’s another reason why she feels deeply connected to the City of Joy. Recently, she shot one of her most beloved music videos in Kolkata. “So it’s only natural that when I’ve just released a soft pop number, I want to perform it in front of the enigmatic crowd in Kolkata,” she says.

Tanmaya, who writes about relationships and daily life in her songs, wrote her latest release from her own experiences. “You know when you’re just starting to be satisfied with your own business? Don’t need or want anyone? You are on the road to recovery and moving on. But suddenly, when you least expect it, you meet someone and fall head over heels in love. But you’re still caught up in past memories of a different relationship, but your new found love for yourself and this new companion inspires you to want to dive deep again and love without worry or fear or judgment. This new love and positive energy almost transports you to a different world. You are happy, excited and delighted – it’s a new beginning. It is metamorphosis. My song germinated from this feeling, ”says the singer.

As someone who is inspired by artists like Elliott Smith, Patrick Watson, Lucy Rose, Laura Marling, The Staves, Lizzy McAlpine and her mother (her main source of inspiration), Tanmaya plays guitar, ukulele and writes songs in English and Hindi. “There are so many artists who have inspired me and my writing style. My musical tastes are quite mixed and diverse and of course they are constantly evolving. I love Lizzy McAlpine and would love to collaborate with her Also, I started liking more pop records and artists like Raveena, Joy Crookes, Amber Mark and Alina Baraz,” says Tanmaya, who is also a graphic designer and model.

After “Kya Tum Naraaz Ho?”, which made her one of the talking points of the indie scene in 2020, Tanmaya followed up with a few more singles. His sensational and moving four-track debut EP, “Wherever I Go, I’d Like To Be All I Need”, won him a following of fans. “AR Rahman and Rolling Stone India were nothing but praise for my work,” shared the young music composer and songwriter.

Named among the top five independent female artists in the country in 2021 by an online music platform, Tanmaya has signed a major recording contract. The Nashik-born, Delhi-raised singer-songwriter even collaborated with freelance artist Sanjeeta Bhattacharya for a moving Hindi track. “Music is not just a passion, but a powerful means of expression for me,” says Tanmaya, who is currently learning to play the piano.

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