Indie88 Premiere: Chayse Porter has a crush on new pop rock single ‘Penny’

Alt-psych pop artist Chayse Porter is back with his new single, “Penny”, premiering on Indie88.

“Penny” is from Chayse Porter’s upcoming album, Chay Palace, out March 1 via Earth Libraries. Today’s release is a perfect preview of the record, with dreamy guitars and flickering instrumentals. With a hazy vocal, “Penny” is a rock daydream with a psychedelic twist.

“‘Penny’ is one of the few simple ‘pop rock’ songs on the album,” says Chayse Porter. “It’s a sweet song with an upbeat feel. It’s not about the feeling I wanted from someone; that’s the feeling I got just seeing them in public – and that’s enough for me.

Listen to “Penny” below.

“Have you ever had a crush on anyone?” Chayse Porter continues. “Have you ever waited too long and closed that door?”

Chay Palace is “this metaphorical place where I can go to express myself and feel safe. Like the Beach Boys ‘In My Room’, it’s that place where you can spill all your secrets and feel at home.

Chayse Porter’s new record often talks about her experience living between San Francisco and her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Through 11 titles, he explores the ups and downs of this process.

“When I go through something traumatic, I lean into this world of distorted fantasy,” adds Chayse Porter. “The ideas that come out are bizarre, playful, but dissonant at the same time.”

Discover the tracklist of Chay Palace below or pre-order the album here.

Chay Palace List of tracks:

01 – “Purple Down”
02 – “Time difference”
03 – “Nobody Wants You (More Than Me)”
04 – “Penny”
05 – “Heating lamp”
06 – “Chay’s Palace Theme”
07 – “Palace Gates”
08 – “Pacific Inn”
09 – “Crimson Dawn Pt. 2”
10 – “Blue Star”
11 – “Yoshi”

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