Indie88 Premiere: Starpainter Wants Your Inner Artist To Survive On New Single “Blood In The Snow # 3”


Starpainter shared their new folk-rock single, “Blood In The Snow # 3”, now premiering on Indie88

The track is from their next EP, Blood in the snow. The collection includes three renditions of a song, while Starpainter tells three versions of the same story. This story takes place in a small, semi-fictional town reminiscent of the upbringing of singer-songwriter Joel Stretch in Alberta. On “Blood In The Snow # 3”, the band really leans into their subversive alt-country sound.

“[Blood In The Snow #3] trying to give off the delusional, bittersweet feeling of holding onto something that was good but has become unhealthy, ”says Stretch. “Everything went wrong at once but you just go out, drink and hang out with your friends and try to forget about it for a while instead of worrying about anything – darkness looms on the outskirts but you choose to ignore it. “

Listen to “Blood In The Snow # 3” below.

Learn more about the new Starpainter EP:

“These songs exist in a semi-fictional universe that I write a lot about,” Starpainter explains of the EP. “It’s usually winter, people are drinking and things aren’t going very well – kind of Robert Kroetsch, kind of Fargo, kind of real-world little Alberta town. It has a certain family resemblance to the small town I grew up in, but the classic warning from the movie about “any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental” comes to mind.

“Most of the artists I know don’t make art their profession; having so much time and effort devoted to ‘other’ work can be exhausting and make my life not seem like a true expression of who I am, ”Starpainter continues. “For a lot of people, the artist-self or the child-self or whatever you want to call it is sort of absorbed into a working-self during adulthood. The first verse is a kind of call for mercy in this process and expresses the desire for this inner person to survive.

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