Indie88 Premiere: Toronto Pop Band No Frills Shares “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anmore,” Announces Debut Album

Toronto pop group No Frills shared their new single, “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore,” now premiering on Indie88. The track celebrates the announcement of their first album, Dog down, released on April 1, 2022.

Composed of members of Hooded fang, Turn, Report, and Grounders, No Frills features warm, lo-fi tunes reminiscent of 1950s crooners and early 1960s pop. Today’s release, “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog Anymore,” is the preview. perfect for their next “pandemic record”. The track is a 90s college rock anthem. It features jangly guitars, catchy riffs and vintage sounds.

“Read anecdotes about Iggy Pop in Please kill me (super fun early punk oral story) makes me imagine a wild Iggy, crawling on all fours, shirtless, sweaty, intense, maybe bleeding, etc., and it occurred to me that I I am the complete opposite of that person, ”explains Daniel Busheikin of the group. “In ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog,’ Iggy recklessly launches into sexual and physical domination. In my opposite universe, it would be “I don’t want to be your dog anymore”, where I pathetically try to sneak through the dog’s door. So I thought it was pretty funny, which it probably isn’t, but beyond reference it’s a playful but heartfelt lament about being obedient and submissive.

Listen to “I don’t want to be your dog anymore” below.

When Toronto closed in the spring of 2020, songwriter Daniel Busheikin began working on demos for Dog down. Writing with guitars, vintage synths and a multitude of guitar pedals, Busheikin has made the imprint of fifteen songs.

The lo-fi pop disc tackles “the themes of depression, despair and death through a sardonic sense of humor,” according to a press release. You can hear that sound on “I don’t want to be your dog anymore”. While the album is pretty cohesive, it explores a bunch of different sounds, from the ’50s crooner sound of “Ice Cream Cone” to the closer lullaby, “Pancake.”

Consult the list of tracks for Dog down below.

Dog down List of tracks:

01 – “Welcome…! “
02 – “Save the bees”
03 – “Ice cream cone”
04 – “Black horse”
05 – “Drip”
06 – “Copy chat”
07 – “I don’t want to be your dog anymore”
08 – “Thrasher”
09 – “Popular”
10 – “New drug”
11 – “Down for the count”
12 – “Sponge and dirt”
13 – “Everything will be better”
14 – “Crepe”

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