Indonesian indie pop duo Duara to release new single with Vira Talisa, “Morning Sun”


Indonesian indie pop duo Duara have released a new single called “Morning Sun”, which features the voice of Vira Talisa.

Released yesterday (July 7) via Mabes Music, ‘Morning Sun’ is a marked departure from the duo’s previous material consisting mainly of melancholy mid-tempo ballads. The new single is distinctly airy, as Renita Martadinata of Vira and Duara delivers soaring vocal harmonies to a disco-inspired arrangement.

According to a press release, this song was written “about a year ago in the midst of the pandemic era” and expresses a cathartic wish “to feel the warmth of the world again”.

The song is produced by Anugrah Swastadi and Sukma Raya, with sessionist Odi Purba on bass and Hansen Arief on drums. The latter is from the Indonesian jazz group Kriyamana Trio. Listen to ‘Morning Sun’ below.

“Morning Sun” is also the first of several singles that Duara will release in the coming months, ahead of the group’s debut album later this year.

Duara, which consists of Martadinata and Robert MR, first formed in 2017 after the two got to know each other as session musicians. Duara released their first five-track EP “Flights of Imagination” in 2019, and followed it up with the singles “Home” (2019), “Sound of The Rain” and “Magnificent” (2020).

In June, Vira Talisa contributed to a compilation album, ‘Lagu Baru Dari Masa Lalu, Vol. 1 ‘, which features new covers of Indonesian pop songs from the 1980s. Vira has teamed up with Indonesian band Adoria to cover’ Dunia Yang Ternoda ‘, originally sung by Erni Sumarto.

In April, Vira was one of four Indonesian artists to remix Honey, Baby from indie-pop trio Grrrl Gang alongside punk band Dongker, metal artist Kaveman and experimental artist Yosugi.

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