Introducing Perth Indie Punks Sixth Avenue

Based in the northern suburbs of Perth, Joel, Kenji, Sam and Daniel are the indie punk band Sixth Avenue.

Earlier this year, they released their debut EP “So Temperamental,” alongside supporting gigs with Scream Mountain and Pot Plant House Party. They have since been headlining shows at the Indian Ocean Hotel and Amplifier Bar.

Sixth Avenue’s latest release is the single ‘Lost’, taken from an upcoming EP. It will be available from Friday (December 3).

It looks like… Think Australian indie rock meets Midwestern emo. Influences include Slowly Slowly, Violent Soho, Sly Withers.

Our first gig was … An afternoon show at the Mojos Bar in Freo. I mean, technically we had performed for people before when we graduated from high school and stuff, but the first real show was at Mojos in early 2020, a venue we still love to play whenever we have it. ‘opportunity.

When did you choose the name of the band … The name is based on a song called “6th Avenue Heartache” by The Wallflowers; this group with Jakob Dylan in it. We started off with ideas and it stuck a bit.

In the studio, we are used to … Try out all the possible ideas just to see what happens. We find it easier to lash out first and then tone it down rather than the other way around. In addition, we must mention all the Nando and ramen that are eaten; is starting to have a really good smell in there.

If we could go on a tour with someone … We should go with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dude, they’d be going crazy.

Social networks are … Ruin our minds.

Our favorite app right now … It must be Depop. Can find serious cheap gemstones there.

Our most embarrassing moment to date has been the moment … We’ve done a bunch of drunken covers and stumbled across the stage too many times. Ouch.

Life on the road is … Hard to say because we haven’t done a lot of tours, but super fun. Although car journeys can be difficult to sit around the gearboxes for hours.

If you have us on your invoice, all we ask is that the jumper contain … Not the ones to ask for the yellow bowling pins or anything crazy, so just bottled water for the stage; It is sometimes hot there.

The scariest scenario we found ourselves in … It was probably when Dan’s car completely decided to crash in the rehearsal studio we were in with no other way to get back. Funnier than scary looking back actually.

Which celebrity / famous person would be the spokesperson for the group … Zach Galifianakis.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? Tokyo would be sick. Kenji has been there a bunch and could show us around.

If we came to your place, what would you cook for us? Pasta. Obviously.

When it comes to pets, are you a lover or an enemy of our furry friends? Lovers, of course. Lewis (Sam’s dog) is the fifth and definitely the coolest member of our group.

Whatever the expense, send me a case of … Single fin.

The last time I saw the interior of a gymnasium it was … A few days ago. Most of us are ashamed of this; Sam is by far the best of all of us. . . suppose he needs to stay in shape to play the drums the way he does.

What is the chore that you hate the most? Being the one to pick up the take out is never fun.

Do you have phobias? Broken sticks and broken ropes in the middle are scary.

Would you ever be on a reality TV show? Probably not. However, he might already be one right now and ignore it altogether.

If you could play a prank on one of your friends, who is your target and how do you take them down? Dan tends to arrive very late for rehearsals, so we would probably intentionally show up after him to see him slip away. We love you Dan.

The best local takeout joint for a midnight meal that will leave you in an eating coma? Kebab joints all the way.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? We laugh about it a lot, in fact; Trent Lane from ‘Daria’ is literally our guitarist, Kenji. Spitting image.

The last show that you watched in a row? ‘The Sopranos’. Tony Soprano is definitely the biggest badass on television.

Sixth Avenue plays at YMCA HQ (Perth, all ages) on December 5th and Four5Nine (Perth) on December 10th.

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