Irish indie-rockers Rowan say it’s “one of those days”


Irish indie-rockers Rowan have just released a black and white video of “One of These Days” from their new EP, Everyone talks. It’s a song about loss. The protagonist lives a difficult life on the streets without friends and comfort, except for alcohol. He drinks to relieve the pain. There is a woman from his past involved, but now he seems more eager to beat someone up than to get back together with a lover.

The music is an intoxicating mix of martial percussion, thundering guitar lines and the harshly moving voice of singer Dylan Howe. It downplays the drama of the song for effect. The story of a man’s downward spiral is told as a tale rather than a tragedy. It’s just like that. Do you feel sorry for the guy? Of course, no one was born worthy of contempt. But he’s not a particularly likeable character. He may not have done anything. The lyrics are ambiguous. We see him fly and we see him fight. But we also see him as a human being. Its name is “Happy”, which suggests that life is an absurd school of thought.

Jack Ahern directed the film and managed to capture the inherent pathos and humor of the song. He uses close-ups of the ragged man’s face mixed with footage of the more seedy side of Dublin to suggest that life is tough. Kevin Patrick O’Leary convincingly portrays Happy as a physical presence. He seems to own the city which has no place for him.

The phrase “Someday” can be understood in at least two very different ways. The line can be seen as hopeful; the promise of a better future. It can also be understood as a threat. Think of Jackie Gleason and Ralph Cramden on “The Honeymooners”. This song does not take sides (at one point it rhymes “cry” and “smile”). He just puts it there.

Listen to this song on the PM chooses Spotify playlist.

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