Jack Antonoff Wins Songwriter Award at BandLab NME Awards 2022

Jack Antonoff won the Songwriter Award at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards for his outstanding contributions to music for two decades and more.

The producer, songwriter and singer joins 2020 Songwriter of the Decade winner Robyn and previous winners Elton John and Bob Dylan, who have all been honored for their unrivaled lyricism and songwriting talent.

Nick Grimshaw, introduced by Daisy May Cooper as “everyone’s best mate”, presented the award at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards.

Of Antonoff, he said, “This man shaped modern pop music, and to prove that we did a montage,” before showing a video of Antonoff’s best moments as a musician and songwriter. .

” Shit ! Thanks very much, NME. It means the world to me,” Antonoff said in a video acceptance speech.

“Songwriting Award means the absolute world to me. I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid,” he continued.

“Anyone who writes songs understands what a happy and lonely place it can be, and how much it means when you share those songs. They’re like messages in a bottle that you throw out into the world and when you hear that person, not to mention a few people, not to mention a lot of people, not to mention an award like this, it just makes you feel recognized for those thoughts that you have.”

Antonoff also briefly showed off his studio, before adding that he wanted to be at the 2022 BandLab NME Awards. “Love you guys,” he said.

The award follows a landmark year for Antonoff, during which he released the acclaimed third Bleachers album “Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night” and worked with artists including Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Lorde, Lana Del Roy, etc.

“Looking at the company of artists who have received this award and I’m absolutely humbled,” he previously said. NME. “This one is for anyone who writes and knows the sacred place it came from. If you know it, it’s a place where you live. It means the world to me.

The bleachers were also nominated for this year’s best live act award earlier, but lost to Rina Sawayama.

“To hear that Bleachers is also shortlisted for Best Live Act…well, that’s the crap,” Antonoff said earlier of the nomination. “We play every show as the last night on earth, so this one means a lot to be recognized for.”

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