Jameson Rodgers recalls record-breaking songwriter Hustle


through Marcus K. Dowling

14 months ago

Yes, Jameson Rodgers is currently celebrating “Cold Beer Calling My Name” his collaboration with Luke Combs which recently became his second consecutive number one hit, the fact that this is his first time as an artist. with a track he also co-wrote took him to pause and remember his rise to the top as a songwriter weaving his way through Music City.

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To Rob & Holly of Audacy Radio, Rodgers said: “It’s kinda ironic I moved to town to kind of write songs and my first song as an artist I didn’t write. “, about his hit released in June 2020. However, he goes on to add a note that speaks directly to the growing pains that hitting the top of the Billboard charts can bring:

“Most of the songs that I have recorded [by other artists] were written before I got a recording contract. You’re sitting at home, and it’s not like you’re counting your money in the bank and Luke Bryan asking for a song, it wasn’t like, ‘No I’m going to keep this song to myself for four years as of now i may have a recording contract. Back then, it was an easy decision to let artists like that have songs. Now that I’m having some success as an artist, it’s hard to give songs now. “

The achievement always left Rodgers humbled, however. “The only thing better than writing a # 1 song is writing a # 1 song with your friends,” Rodgers told Music Row magazine of his work as a senior writer with Hunter Phelps , Brett Tyler and Alysa Vanderheym. “I can’t believe we can do this for a living. I am proud of this song and of this team.

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