Japanese singer-songwriter ØMI unveils track “You” produced by BTS SUGA


Japanese singer-songwriter ØMI returns with his new single album, ANSWER … SHINE.

The release comes with two songs – ‘Stars light’ and ‘You,’ a pop song produced by BTS SUGA. ANSWER … SHINES is ØMI’s sequel to his first EP, ANSWER … SHADOW, which came out last May.

Before the fall, the J-pop group took to Instagram Live to talk more about their new music. According to the fan translations, ØMI explained how, despite SUGA being a big star, he is deep down a man who loves music. He also revealed that he and his team reached out to SUGA for collaboration and worked together on the track sending demos to each other.

In a tweet, ØMI thanked SUGA, as well as BTS ARMY for supporting the new track. “I hope this song will be liked by a lot of people.”

It also marks the return of SUGA as a producer having previously worked on hits, notably ‘Eight’ with UI and ‘Wine’ through SOURAN, and more recently the 10th anniversary version of the Samsung Galaxy ‘Above the horizon’.

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