King Margo to Perform New Single “Floodlights and Sequins” July 15 at Orbit Venue

King Margo, a band from Nashville, Tennessee, will perform July 15 at the Orbit Room. Fleeter and CJ Reichard, alumni of the performance organization’s Cosmic Songwriter’s Club, will perform an opening set.

Tickets are available for $11 and table reservations are available for $20 at The Orbit Room’s website.

King Margo is made up of Lucciana Costa and Rachel Coats. The two women met in 2016 through friends in music communities near their respective hometowns of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio.

Coats said the band’s genre was “Americana, a bag of lipstick”. They will release a single “Floodlights and Sequins” on July 15.

“The name of the tour is the Single Drop Dead Tour because our single comes out on Friday, and it’s about looking hot and doing murder,” Costa said.

The real inspiration behind the upbeat country single is represented in the chorus with the line “hits and burglaries”. Costa decided to get screwed the same night his car was broken into. When describing the two events to Costa’s mother, the duo thought it sounded like a country song.

Two more singles from their upcoming album will be released on August 5 and 9. The full 10-song album, “Waters Rise,” will be released on September 2.

Coats said that although the band had no intention of doing so, the album has a nature theme.

“We live on the edge of nature, so we can’t stop that from happening in our songwriting,” Coats said.

King Margo has performed at the Orbit Room once before, during the Little 500 weekend. Lucciana said they will be playing the complete unreleased record at the Orbit Room along with older songs.

CJ Reichard and Fleeter will open for King Margo in Cosmic Songwriter‘s Club style, alternating and performing five songs each.

CJ Reichard, a retired IU law professor, has been playing music since high school. After practicing law for 10 years in Chicago, she began teaching at IU in 1994.

In high school, Reichard said the punk scene had an open invitation because people didn’t need to know how to play to be a punk musician. Reichard describes her current music as folk and indie, with female indie rock as inspiration.

“I’ve always been very interested in politics, feminism and relationships, and just the cycle of life,” Reichard said. “I think everything plays into my music, so I’ve always written about those kinds of things. It’s a way of dealing with feelings for me.

One of the songs she will perform is called “Headfirst Dive”. Reichard said it was written in and about Bryan Park.

Reichard describes Bloomington’s music community as supportive and open. She said the Cosmic Songwriter’s Club nurtured her while she got back into music.

“It really allowed me to weave my way into music as I reached the other side of 60. It’s kind of hard to find a place to play music, and Cosmic was really great at that” , she said.

Anna Fagin, known as Fleeter, will perform her latest single, “She Was an Hour”, and some previously unreleased songs. One of the songs she wrote this week, “Promised,” is about struggling to be friends with an ex after a breakup.

“It’s just very enjoyable and therapeutic to write,” she said. “Writing earlier reminded me that I don’t have to write everything for it to be publishable or playable. It can be an outlet, and that’s why I love songwriting.

A former student of Cosmic Songwriter’s Club, she said the creators have created a safe and nurturing environment for musicians, and the Orbit room has been very supportive.

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