L.A. Newcomers Rooted Will Blow You Away With Retro-Pop Single “Waiting”

Meet your new favorite band: the indie rock/pop band from Los Angeles Rooted officially released their first single with the release of “Expect.” A bittersweet aching vintage summer swoon with lush synthesizers and electric textures on an unattainable crush. Above the playful swing of exciting drums and wailing guitars, Rooted finds an irresistible vein of retro pop to reinvent in its own image.


Made up of singer-songwriters Shalom Lim and Genevieve Thai, bassist Valen Shieh, guitarist Karissa Lee and Selina Ye on keyboards and synths, the group is a vision of a new generation of music creators. With every shimmer of synth, driving riff and eerie yet seductive whine, “Waiting” reveals its multi-layered hooks. But the song also reveals an emotional depth to their songwriting, navigating emotional introspections with a maturity never expected but consistently provided by younger generations.

They may only have one single, but it’s clear these five college kids are born rockers – all five got their start covering Guns N’ Roses, Journey and indie pop band Echosmith. These influences abound on “Waiting,” but it’s also clear that Rooted has no trouble merging all of their whimsical tones and inspirational melodies until they emerge with something eerily familiar but also fresh. irresistibly original. Like the Linda Lindas, Rooted represents the kind of fresh, young and dynamic sound that Los Angeles has to offer.

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“The idea behind ‘Waiting’ is to want something or someone in life, but be so afraid of not getting it that you don’t even dare to try,” Lim explains. “Sometimes the expectations and goals people have of themselves can overwhelm them to the point of causing mental and emotional shutdown.”

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Listen to Rooted’s new single “Waiting” below!


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