Legacy Choir Students Connect Statewide

Thirteen students from Legacy High School qualified in November to participate in the regional round of the Texas Music Educators Association’s All-State Choir competition, an annual event that draws thousands of students competing for very few seats.

For Guadalupe Rivera, director of the LHS Choirs, the rebels are up to the task. “We strive to maintain the high level of excellence for which Legacy is known. “

In May, TMEA announced the music that will be played for this year’s competition. The students didn’t wait to start learning and practicing. “Most kids go to choir camps over the summer to start working on competition pieces,” Rivera said. “Many even train alone. “

These are the “aha” moments that give choir students the confidence to succeed. “I tell my students that if a play doesn’t move you, I haven’t done my job,” Rivera said. can move the emotions of an audience.

Students must pass three auditions to earn a spot in the TMEA All-State Choir. The regional competition takes place in October, followed by the pre-zone tour in November and the zone tour in January. The seeds will earn a place in one of three All-State choirs: mixed, treble, or tenor-bass.

The students who qualified in November for the next regional competition are:


Kaitlyn Rhoades, Soprano 1, 1st Chair

Kaitlyn Joyner, Soprano 1, 2nd Chair

Kimberly Brice, Soprano 1, substitute

Jazmin Ortega, Soprano 2, 1st Chair


Isabelle Calderon, Viola 1, 2nd Chair

Estefania Catalan, Alto 1, 3rd Chair

Aaliyah Valdiviezo, Alto 2, 1st president

Elle Matis, Viola 2, 2nd Chair

Landrie Almquist, Alto 2, 3rd president

Anna Ken Lindner, Viola 2, 5th President


Trey Rolston, tenor 1, 4th chair

Luke Ross, tenor 2, deputy


Abraham Davalos, Bass 1, 2nd Chair

Jesse Carrillo, Bass 1, 5th Chair

Jordan Dada, Bass 2, 4th Chair

Hayden Smith, Bass 2, Substitute

Holiday concert on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the LHS Choirs will present “Sounds of the Season – A Holiday Concert”, accompanied by members of the Midland-Odessa Symphony Chorale and faculty from Midland ISD. The performance is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 1906 W. Texas Ave. Tickets cost $ 5 and are available at the door.

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