Lindsay Rimes is the first country songwriter of the APRA AMCOS Billionaires Club


Lindsay Rimes collects a slice of history with her induction into the APRA AMCOS 1,000,000,000 list.

Raised in Sydney, now based in Nashville, the bestselling songwriter and producer enters the elite circle to co-write Kane Brown’s 2017 hit, “Heaven,” which streams a billion across all platforms .

With this particular achievement, Rimes is the first inductee to be honored for a country song.

‘Heaven’ is a project from above.

Taken from Brown’s self-titled debut album, the single is the result of a collaboration at a songwriting retreat hosted by Sony Music Publishing, in which Rimes teamed up with co-authors Shy Carter and Mark. McGinn.

Produced by Dan Huff, the recording ranked # 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts; No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart; and No. 15 in the Hot 100 ranking, all genres and all formats.

“Heaven” has also crossed borders, reaching triple platinum in Canada.

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Stream “Heaven” by Kane Brown

In an interview with TIO published in 2018, Rimes explained how the magic works in the studio. Put it down to a touch of mystery and a lot of hard work.

“I write songs every day. As part of my writing process, I produce the demos. It’s a relatively new thing in Nashville, maybe the last five years, where you’ve seen guys like me with production training and songwriting training, ”he explained.

Rimes enters the studio around 9:30 a.m., and writing sessions will begin around 11 a.m.

“Usually I sit down with my guitar with the other co-writers and we’ll start playing and figuring out what kind of song to write,” he continued. “As we start digging, I’ll start building the track. “

Writing every day and doing a demo every day “It’s like making a record every day. It accumulates. Lots of guys with my skills are late. We could be 5-6 deep, sometimes 20. ”

Kylie Minogue-Phil Barton-Lindsay Rimes
Lindsay Rimes, Kylie Minogue and Phil Barton

Rimes devoted his energies to musical creation when an injury cut short his rugby career.

The loss of Rugby was the gain of music, as Rimes continued to work with Busby Marou on their 2016 APRA Music Award winning “Days of Gold,” the title track from Kylie’s # 1 album. Minogue in the UK. Golden, “Fun” by Troye Sivan; and releases from Lo Cash, Luke Bryan, Tyler Rich and many more.

He received the Overseas Recognition Award at the APRA Music Awards 2019.

“We have cheered Lindsay on over the years and couldn’t be prouder of all he has accomplished both at home and in Nashville,” comments APRA AMCOS General Manager Dean Ormston.

Rimes is published by Sony Music Publishing, thanks to a 2016 agreement with the Nashville arm of the publishing giant.

Josh Van Valkenburg, Sony Music Publishing, Executive Vice President, Nashville A&R, adds, “Lindsay Rimes has proven, once again, that he is a hitmaker on any continent. “Heaven” was a huge song for Kane Brown and country music, and we’re proud to represent Lindsay in all of her hits. “

The 1,000,000,000 list is based on the streaming numbers of all major services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Vevo, Amazon and others.

To date, 35 songs have received the award, considered the first of its kind to recognize the achievements of a songwriter.

Read the full list here.

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