Matty Healy from 1975 was a surprise opening for Phoebe Bridgers


Phoebe Bridgers is on tour behind her excellent 2020 record, punisher, and performed a series of shows in her hometown of Los Angeles this weekend. If the traffic on Los Feliz Boulevard didn’t alert you that Bridgers was headlining the Greek Theater Thursday and Friday night, then a cryptic tweet from Phoebe herself might have been a better clue: “Come early tonight. Trust me, ”she wrote, following a tweet from her collaboration with The 1975,“ Jesus 2005 God Bless America ”.

It seemed pretty clear from these clues that The 1975’s Matty Healy would be showing up as a surprise opening on his second show in LA to perform their collaboration, and that’s exactly how it turned out last night. Healy also performed a new song called “New York”, “Be My Mistake” from 2018 and “Sex”, which he billed as “an emo classic”. If you were lucky enough to be there, thanks for shooting the clips so the rest of us can watch the video again! If you weren’t there, the boat I’m in, watch the video of their first live rendition of the focus at the top. There are also a few other social clips below. The song is taken from The 1975’s 2020 album, Notes on a conditional form, and probably would’ve been a staple on the setlist if Phoebe and the band had been able to embark on their original tour together. Well, at least we have that performance now.

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