MG Motor to launch “Taal” initiative to promote independent musicians

Car maker MG Motor India is ready to launch the “Taal” initiative to promote independent musicians.

Since its launch in India, MG Motor has identified music as one of the key elements that brings the customer closer to the brand and has taken various initiatives to integrate music into its marketing strategy.

The launch of MG Taal is an extension of MG’s commitment to music. MG Taal intends to play an important role in this transformation process by supporting the growing talent of musicians in the country.

MG was inspired by the word ‘Taal’ (rhythm) to develop the logo for this musical campaign.

It has been carefully crafted, keeping in mind the cultural context and relevance of the Indian genre, synchronizing with its goal of partnering up with selected musicians and enabling them to create, amplify audio content and engaging video.

MG Motor India Commercial Director Gaurav Gupta said: “At MG Motor, we are always looking for ways to deliver unique experiences to our customers and enthusiasts. Music has always been a great way to connect with people, celebrate our brand, and encourage talented musicians to create memorable music. We are delighted to launch Taal and extend our partnership with Songdew to lead this initiative and contribute to the future of music in India ”.

Sunil Khanna, Founder of Songdew, said, “MG has done groundbreaking work in building its sound identity and using music as a strategic tool to strengthen its brand value. We worked with MG to select the two most promising groups in the country – Fiddlecraft from Pune and The Tapi Project from Surat. We are convinced that various initiatives planned by MG (under this program) would help them to realize their potential.

Swati, lead singer of ‘The Tapi Project’, said: “It is encouraging to see MG’s commitment to bringing independent music to the fore. We are delighted to be part of MG Taal and look forward to contributing positively to this campaign. ”

Fiddlecraft’s Gaurav Kadu said: “It couldn’t have happened at a better time. We are thrilled to be a part of MG Taal and look forward to creating exciting content as part of the program. “

With its latest initiative, MG Taal, MG is poised to support a growing independent music community and deliver more exciting experiences to its customers.

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