Music keeps Amy Bennett on track

Amy Bennett has always been a huge music fan.

Whether it’s relaxing songs to unwind at the end of the day or turning up the volume in the car as she prepares for a busy day, sales agent McGrath Caloundra puts her life into music .

It’s an essential part of his daily routine and it helps him stay mentally healthy while helping him achieve his professional and personal goals.

Ms. Bennett explained her love of music and the important role it plays in her life by Big plansa series of video interviews with industry leaders compiled by real estate software specialist Rex.

The first season of Big plans focuses on advice for health and well-being in the demanding real estate sector.

“Music has always played a very important role in my life,” Ms. Bennett said.

“All genres, but from gigs to morning prep, it’s been there all the time for me.”

Ms. Bennett loves independent alternative music, which can range from high-volume rock to chilled-out grooves, so there’s always something to suit the occasion.

“I have a ton of different playlists,” she said.

“Even on my ride today, it was kind of positive, hardcore, uplifting music to get ready to beat the traffic. Until Icelandic music, calm and relaxing.

“I have music before I go to an assessment or a list so I arrive with a smile on my face, a pep in my step, and feel really confident in my conversations.”

It’s all part of creating a welcoming environment in what can be a daunting experience for customers.

“It’s our day-to-day, so sometimes we don’t realize that for other people it’s a huge transition for them,” Ms Bennett said.

“It can be a very difficult time for them.”

Ms Bennett grew up on the Sunshine Coast and lived in Brisbane and Melbourne before realizing she missed the more relaxed Sunshine Coast lifestyle.

She joined the McGrath team in 2016 as Head of Operations and Marketing. This gave him a solid base in the industry before moving into a sales role, specializing in the Kawana Island area between Caloundra and Maroochydore.

Her years of experience in an office allowed her to observe the people she admired at work and their routines.

She saw how important holidays were in maintaining the right work-life balance that is essential for continued success.

“Make sure you have a goal in mind where you’re going to go,” Ms Bennett said.

“Disabling and relying on your team to support you in this process is really important.”

Ms Bennett has her ‘accountability partners’ who tell her when it’s time to take a break from work.

“My husband and my mother are the two people in my life who say, ‘Enough talking about real estate,'” Ms Bennett said.

“You need to be flexible in a sales agent role with the time you have. So it can be a 3 p.m. movie with my husband because he sleeps at 8 p.m. and that means I do all my social content once he sleeps.

After a busy Sunday morning with open houses, she enjoys spending Sunday afternoons on the couch with her husband and dog.

“It’s my dream to be able to do this every week,” she said.

“It doesn’t happen every week, but we try to make it our special family time.”

Find it Big plans series on YouTube here.

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