New EP a “Labor of Love” for Orillia Singer-Songwriter


Cassie DaSilva, who cut her teeth hosting open mic events in Orillia during high school, calls new recording “proudest achievement to date.”

What a difference a week makes!

Not only for my peace of mind and well-being, but for events and events in our area. We are now in a wonderful Stage 3, people and openings, live music, concerts, shows and fun are springing up everywhere as we try to make up for lost time due to pandemic closures.

Libraries, museums, shops and galleries are open without restriction on capacity as long as people can maintain a physical distance. Restaurants are open for in-person meals. Is it really real? Yes, so go out and enjoy it in this beautiful summer weather.

On the live music side, Orillia musician Cassie Dasilva has a new EP, titled Sufficient, which came out on Friday and I got to hear all about it in a special interview earlier this week. Check it out!

PA: How does it feel to be from Orillia? Is there hometown support? And how did you go from Orillia to registering and being noticed by Universal?

CD: I made my way into the small but powerful community of songwriters and folk music of Orillia when I was in high school, playing little open mics and concerts all over town. Orillia has such a vibrant arts scene, and it was crucial for me to have this community and encouragement from a young age.

Although I am now a pop artist, I definitely have Orillia to thank for my singer-songwriter roots!

After high school I moved to Vancouver for a recording school, after which I took on various production jobs, toured the city and performed there until I got back. at home.

Shortly after returning to Ontario, I found myself at an industry jam night in Toronto, which led to my first record deal, a few song releases in 2018, and ended in different way.

I now publish music independently and live in Orillia, and this has been the most liberating, creative and exciting time for me as an artist. I feel like I’m back here and releasing my first EP independently, and I’m grateful to have such an amazing community of people here to draw on creatively.

PA: Can you tell us a few words about the new EP, the inspirations, the idea behind it, what you think about it, and the next steps?

CD: Sufficient is autobiographical, focused on relationships. Most of the songs deal with a breakup and the aftermath of heartbreak in a pretty pointed way, but then there’s a surprise love song at the end.

I think it might sound confusing to some, but since the emotions aren’t linear, I didn’t want to force the project to be all about a breakup. I explored grief, hurt feelings, and unanswered questions, all while being completely happy and in love with someone new. I thought it was important that both ends of the spectrum coexist on this project, because that’s how I experienced it.

Before this EP, I had only had the opportunity to work with male collaborators, so I knew when I entered this project that I wanted to work with more women. I was trying to reach a place of vulnerability that I only really felt comfortable exploring with people who could share my point of view.

I have only used female producers – Hill Kourkoutis and Robyn Dell’Unto – and have worked with as many women as possible in all aspects of the project (so far every music video has been all female and not binary) .

I am delighted to finally be able to share this project with everyone! It is a labor of love and it is my greatest pride to date.

PA: And finally, of course, the question of the moment: how has COVID-19 impacted you? Did it delay things or give you time to hone your craft at home?

CD: A mixture of both! I finished recording this EP at the end of 2019, and I had initially planned to release this project many earlier, but, of course, so much was delayed and my plans had to be rearranged.

It was frustrating back then, but now I’m so glad that I had that extra time to really focus on the creative side of things, shoot clips that I’m really proud of and just sit down with the project.

Releasing an EP, although my first one, during a pandemic isn’t the most ideal situation, but through my singles releases this year, it’s been really cool to see how it gives some of my new listeners something. get excited and something to help they escape all the madness we’ve been faced with.

PA: Thank you very much, Cassie. Is there anything you would like to add?

CD: I hope everyone reading this checks out the EP, and if you like it, be sure to follow me on social media and whatever streaming platform you use. I’m just getting started, and a little love and support goes a long way for independent artists like me! Thanks a lot for the questions!

You can follow Cassie Dasilva on Twitter at cassiedasilva; Facebook at cassiedasilvamusic; Instagram at cassiedasilva; TikTok on cassiedasilva and through its website,

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