New Twa Tams album and concert for indie rockers The Crom

A Perth The band released a brand new album as its members had the chance to play their first gig at Twa Tams this weekend.

The five-piece indie rock band – The Crom – have been performing together in one form or another since 2019.

They are named after the Cromlix route in Perth where singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Alan Sweeney (41) grew up.

His father lived there and when he was a teenager there had been a revivalist Mod gang called The Crom.

“Dad had gone out with a Vespa, a Parka jacket and Fred Perrys,” Alan revealed.

The Crom is a bit of a family affair with Alan’s younger brother Frankie who plays bass guitar.

The other band members – Joel Robertson (lead guitarist) and drummer Lee Fitzpatrick – are also from Perth.

Guitarist Alex Scrimgeour has joined in recent weeks. Previously he was the singer and songwriter for another Perth band, Papa Hotel.

“It’s funny, because we weren’t meant to be a band and it wasn’t really a plan to release an album, it just happened naturally,” Alan said.

“Joel and I were in a group when we were 16. We grew up together, having both been to Craigie Primary and Perth High school. I didn’t know how to play an instrument at the time, so I just did the lyrics.

“Then my brother and I were in a group for a while. We found Joel in the street and finally we asked for him at the house and we had a jam. I told him that I had written “a few songs”. I was lying, I actually had a whole bunch of them.

“Lee was in Perth but separated from us. He played drums and we knew him, he had toured America a bit.

“I contacted him on Facebook because we needed a drummer, and when he said yes to playing with us, it was a real find.”

They did a guerrilla-style concert in August on the South Inch, drawing admirers.

Alan got creative during lockdown and had plenty of songs to bring to the studio. Their debut album ‘Right on Cue’ was released on November 6th.

The album was recorded, produced and mixed at the Velvet Lounge and Studio in Perth. The producer is David MacFarlane.

This weekend on Saturday 20, The Crom performed live at Perth Twa Tams, performing at the Scott Street Music Pub for the first time as a band, supporting by opening for a Dundee band called Two Wheels Good.

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