One of the best rap and hip-hop artists Siindyel is ready to be a musical icon for women and the world


The future hip-hop artist and rap queen, Siindyel, is well prepared with its songs to make you discover the originality of hip hop music, with an ethnic and rhythmic touch.

A great passion for music and incredible skills in hip-hop and rap make the young, multi-faceted artist, Siindyel, one of the impeccable artists of this genre. Having grown up in the city of light, Paris, she has been able to adapt beautifully to the style of Martinique and Senegalese origin. The emerging hip-hop rapper and artist is highly proficient in music and lyricism. In his profession, the main characteristic of hip-hop music, which is the interplay between the rhythms of rap, is still maintained. His artistic talent stems from the weaving of bats and the melodies that manifest in all of his tracks. His last piece ‘Crapullini – No Comment x Siindyel ‘ is an example.

Inspired by Lauryn Hill, Siindyel began his journey in music, especially hip-hop. To amplify her musical expertise, she creates her own production house, ‘S21 RECORDS’. His hip-hop draws its inventiveness from African and Caribbean music. His performances in France and England were appreciated by a large audience. His recent EP ‘Petit cÅ“ur’ is a composition of 13 tracks. In this latest version, she beautifully combined ethnicities, stylistic hip-hop and rhythmic melodies. His company is well known; his fame is not there yet. So listen to his song ‘Crapullini‘, follow her on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, and let yourself be seduced by the originality of hip hop music.

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