Police confirm arrest of singer-songwriter Ardhito Pramono for possession of marijuana

Indonesian singer-songwriter-turned-actor Ardhito Pramono was arrested today for suspected use and possession of marijuana.

West Jakarta Police Chief Ady Wibowo first told reporters that police caught “a public figure, big screen actor, songwriter and singer” with the initials AP , only for Jakarta Metro Police spokesman Zulpan to later confirm that the suspect was Ardhito.

Police said Ardhito was apprehended from his home in east Jakarta. Authorities seized an unspecified amount of weed during the raid, while Ardhito’s urine test came back positive for marijuana use.

The 26-year-old pop / jazz artist is still under questioning by authorities, and police have yet to release details of the arrest as the case is still under investigation.

Ardhito’s arrest comes just a month after that of actor Rizky Nazar, who was arrested in mid-December also for alleged use and possession of weed.

The news of Ardhito’s arrest shocked fans across Indonesia, putting his name in the hot topics on Twitter since this afternoon. Ardhito has become famous in recent years thanks to his easy-to-listen hits such as bitter love, and he recently tried to act through Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini (English title: One Day Well Talk About Today) in 2020 and its fallout, Kale’s story: when someone is in love and Dinda’s Story: Second Chance of Happiness Last year.

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