Pop artist Varun Jain talks about his new song “Raaste”

Singer-songwriter Varun Jain. Photo: Courtesy of Kaan Phod

Singer-songwriter Varun Jain celebrates travel and wandering on his nostalgic and heartwarming new Hindi song ‘Raaste’, which was released this week as part of a song series Microphone testvia the digital platform and the KaanPhod label.

Jain, who first garnered a big following on YouTube for his distinctly smooth covers of Bollywood singer Arijit Singh’s tunes, has since gone on to work with major labels on commercial Hindi pop songs as well as a duet with Rekha Bhardwaj. on “Vedha Sajjeya”, off the soundtrack composed by Sachin-Jigar for the Bollywood film Hum Do Hamare Do. “Each association is different in its own way. The best thing I loved about KaanPhod is the freedom they give artists to compose music however they want and how they like,” Jain says of his last partnership. He adds: “As an artist, I have always wanted to publish my original music. I’m grateful to KaanPhod for giving me this platform and I’m really thrilled.

The airy electronic pop song is crafted from something a veteran like Singh would lead, but Jain infuses modern flourishes as a songwriter and vocalist. The lyrics – written by Udit Shandilya – and the cadence of “Raaste” oscillate between the wisdom of an old soul and the optimism of a young character. Jain says of the song, “I was going through a tough time in my life when I was confused and anxious about what to choose between my job and my passion. I decided to follow my passion and see where it takes me and that’s how I wrote ‘Raaste’. Its literal meaning is to go with the flow, to do what your heart wants. And I guess I did the right thing. He adds about the production: “Usually I like to keep my production soft, but this time I thought I’d try something new with my music, so I did a mix of soft arrangements with a EDM button.”

The clip – directed by Sanjna Krishnan and Rohan Shetty (also a singer-songwriter in her own right) of Last Bite Films – sees Jain in front of the camera for the first time, alongside female protagonist Shyamolie Parikh. The singer-songwriter says of performing for the first time: “I won’t lie – at first I was quite skeptical about taking on the role, but then I thought about giving it a shot. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the process and had the chance to learn so many new things and meet new people. »

Jain joins previous Mic Test releases via KaanPhod, including dancer-turned-rapper Flying Machine aka Yung Fly (“Brand New”) and singer-songwriter Prateek Gandhi (“Main Roiyaan”). “I have a few singles lined up. I’ve also sung backing tracks for some movies and worked on my originals simultaneously,” he adds.

Watch the video for “Raaste” below.

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