Rainbow Kitten Surprise at the Caves

On the weekend of April 8-9, Rainbow Kitten Surprise performed at The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee. The group consists of five musicians who have been creating alternative/indie music since 2013. The group was formed by lead singer Ela Melo and Darrick “Bozzy” Keller.

The band opened the show with their fan-favorite song “All That and More,” which was released the year the band was born. The upbeat tune was a great start to the show that carried audiences into the spirit of the concert before digging deep into their discography with ground-shaking hits as fans danced and jumped for joy.

They continued the show with more mainstream songs like “Hide”, released in August 2018, which nods to the LGBTQ+ community, taking it even further live now that lead singer Melo has officially announced that she was transgender. They continued the show with other hits such as “Fever Pitch”, “Devil Like Me” and “First Class”. All the while, their geometric triangle logo flashed neon colors as laser lights lit up happy faces in the crowd.

Many people are still smitten with the band’s namesake, Rainbow Kitten Surprise. It surely makes people think about the genre of music, but there is a story behind the name. Melo and Keller went to visit a friend in the hospital who was on a morphine drip and certainly felt its delusional effect. During the visit, the friend mumbled the three words, and the combination struck a chord with the musicians. Thus, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, more commonly referred to as RKS to the fandom, was born.

The Caverns is located in Pelham, Tennessee and hosts bluegrass and other musical genres year-round. The location is set deep in the mountains of Grundy County, and the environment nods towards the authenticity of southern music; comfortable and inviting. The cave itself is a short walk from the gravel parking lot and ticket office, which is covered in the cave’s mascot – a cute red and black spotted salamander that can sometimes be seen scurrying around the natural area.

The cave itself where the concerts take place is equipped to meet all the needs of the spectators. At the front of the stage, there is ample space for standing or sitting, and light fixtures are securely mounted to the ceiling of the cave to illuminate the room with bright colors during sets. There are also bathrooms, concessions for food and drink, and merchandise stores so that all necessities can be met in the cave.

The cave remains at a comfortable 56 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, so even during the coldest winter or the hottest southern summer days, participants are pleasantly air-conditioned by mother nature.

For more information about The Caverns, visit their website https://www.thecaverns.com/.

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