Secretly Label Group makes the commitment “Positive climate by 2026”

Secretly, the company behind labels such as Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans, Ghostly, Numero Group and Justin Vernon and 37d03d of the Dessner Brothers, has unveiled a sustainability plan and is committed to becoming “carbon” by 2026.

The company has presented a sustainable development plan that begins with carbon offsets as it works “towards accounting for [its] historical carbon debt of [its] 30th anniversary in 2026. The ultimate goal is to eliminate rather than offset Secretly’s greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to its “early efforts” to minimize product packaging, avoid overstocks, recycle unsold formats and packaging, and install a solar panel at Secretly’s offices, the company described the steps it plans to take. in the future, in particular:

  • Invest in energy efficiency in all Secretly buildings
  • Evaluate the possibilities of replacing natural gas equipment with electrical options
  • Measure and reduce the company’s Scope 3 emissions
  • Switch to 100% renewable energies
  • Be a founding investor and user of Impala’s bespoke carbon calculator for the music industry

The company notes that for emissions that it cannot directly reduce, carbon offsets will be purchased through Native.

Earlier this year, Secretly Group employees formed Secretly Group Union. Within two days, Secretly Group officially recognized the union. Read “What does the union of Secretly Group mean for the independent music industry?” ” in the field.

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