Singer-songwriter Tanzeel Khan is back with new single and stunning video, “Falsafa”

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based content creator and singer-songwriter Tanzeel Khan – whose debut album Dastaan ​​is slated for release in early 2022 – released with “Falsafa,” a song he describes as his most difficult.

You can stream “Falsafa” here:

New single “Falsafa” demonstrates Tanzeel’s flair for writing and his growth as a musician. The song takes the listener through the various stages of grief, from sadness to gradual acceptance, and the accompanying visuals – the sparse, snow-capped Spiti Valley – complete the relatable emotional arc.

“’Falsafa’ is probably one of my favorite songs, if not my favorite song from the album,” Tanzeel says of the fourth single from the album. “I was in love with this song from the moment I wrote it. “Falsafa” was also the most difficult because vocally it pushed me further than I had ever tried before, and the video is also our most ambitious, ”he adds.

Shot in Himachal Pradesh for a week, the video is very special for Tanzeel as it gave the city dweller the chance to spend some time in the mountains and enjoy Himachal hospitality while staying with locals . “It was an enriching and magnificent experience. The people, the sights – everything will stay with me forever, ”he said, recalling his memories of Spiti.

The video for “Falsafa” is a continuation of the script from the first video “Yeh dil” – a song about grief – and sees the protagonist, played by Tanzeel, return after healing his grief.

You can watch the video here.

Written over the past two years, Dastaan ​​is a musical exploration of the cycle of love and grief, with the words of Tanzeel in the foreground. “The album was written from the perspective of someone who is dealing with the pain of grief and relearning to be themselves,” he says. “It’s a slice of life and contains the whole gamut of emotions from happiness to sadness, pain and love. I want my listeners to be able to see themselves in my songs, ”he adds.

The seven-track album Dastaan ​​will be released early next year.

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