Singer-songwriter Tommy Fleming prepares to launch new album


Considered one of Ireland’s most beloved singers, Sligoman Tommy Fleming is set to release his new album “All These Years” on October 29th.

The 40-track album features a mix of old and new songs with special guest Elaine Paige collaborating on one of the tracks (track list below).

The new songs on the album were written during the months of lockdown and Tommy sees the album as a retrospective of his life’s work while drawing inspiration from his 30 years on stage.

Speaking of the new album, Tommy said:; “I think releasing ‘All These Years’ on the 30th anniversary of my first appearance on stage is a fitting way to mark my long career in the music industry.

“I wrote and recorded a lot of songs while in lockdown. I was inspired by the house, my wife and my family, at the age of 50, as well as my surroundings in Sligo.

“Some days were tough, but music is my therapy. I tried to find the best in the situation and used the time to focus on the music and myself and Tina, my wife and also my manager. , were busy making plans for when the live music could resume. “

Tommy is from Sligo and cited the scenic beauty as the inspiration for some of the new tracks.

He said: “I try to spend time in nature with my dogs and I find it helps to circulate the creative juice. I can’t wait to embark on a national tour in December and then hopefully go to other countries in 2022 and 2023 ”.

Finding motivation in a pandemic isn’t easy, but like Tommy Fleming, he didn’t give up and focused on making another phenomenal album. Now the focus is on fans being able to enjoy the music with a nationwide tour slated to start in December.

Tommy will take the stage at several venues across the country to revive the live performances. In his own unique style, he will perform live, singing traditional Irish songs and his own original material, which he has missed during the pandemic.

“All These Years” the best of Tommy Fleming’s album, released October 29, 2021 available in stores and online

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Album track list

1 All these years

2 the sun is burning

3 Green Fiddlers

4 The call and the answer

5 the disturbing grave

6 The Auld Triangle

7 Goodbye my old friend

8 why worry

9 downtown tonight

10 i watch over you

11 Come What May

12 I dreamed a dream

13 The Ocean’s Bend

Album 2

1 The world in union

2 bright blue roses

3 Jubilee

4 When you were 16

5 If you stay

6 you raise me

7 don’t despise its simplicity

8 Red River Valley

9 The competitor

10 Push back the clods

11 Raglan Road

12 Innis Island free

13 Restless Spirit

14 Danny Boy

Album 3

1 Carrickfergus

2 Four green fields

3 When the lights go out

4 old clothes

5 Valley of the gardens

6 the west awakens

7 Island of Hope Island of Tears

8 be all that you can be

9 things we passed on

10 wonderful world

11 Lift the wings

12 The farewell drink

13 difficult times

Vinyl Face 1

1 All these years

2 the sun is burning

3 downtown tonight

4 The call and the answer

5 I watch over you

6 The Auld Triangle

7 Goodbye my old friend

Side 2

8 why worry

9 Green Violinists

10 the disturbing grave

11 Come What May

12 I dreamed of a dream

13 The Ocean’s Bend

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